Rooted in Resilience

What if you could have abundant energy, like how you did when you were a kid?

Glowing skin, without the use of any toxic products? 

Strong hair, reliable & optimal digestion, sound sleep, and a hot libido?

No more confusion over what to eat next or which diet is best for you?

Less supplements but more health?

A thriving metabolism and an effortless time maintaining your weight?

No more spinning your wheels trying to achieve your fitness goals? 

What if we told you that true health & resilience to life's stressors involves a whole lot less restriction and a whole lot more balance and abundance than what we’ve been led to believe? 

We invite you to become rooted in resilience, where you will officially be able to leave behind all the restrictive diets, cabinets full of supplements and medications, fear, confusion, and wasted time just getting through the day… and instead, start living your best life with the energy and confidence to follow your dreams.

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What's Included

  • 30 Nutrition Lessons 
  • 8 Environmental Lessons 
  • 10 Lifestyle & Exercise Lessons 
  • Private community & support group 
  • Access to monthly Q&As with Ashley and Sarah 
  • Over 90 meal plans with meal prep & grocery lists 
  • 10+ strength training programs for muscle growth, updated regularly
  • Proper food preparation guide
  • Detailed data tracker
  • Food sourcing guide & recommended brands
  • Calcium to phosphorus ratio guide


  • Supplement & protein powder guide
  • Mold prevention guide
  • Creating a balanced home microbiome guide
  • Pro metabolic foods list & PUFA cheat sheet
  • Best carb, protein, & fat sources
  • Weight loss guide
  • Discount codes for supplements, tools, foods, & more 

Over 23 hours of informational videos and over 1,400 scientific references to educate & empower you on your healing journey.

Total Value Over $5,000!

Rooted in Resilience takes a holistic approach to health and contains three sections: nutrition, lifestyle & exercise, and environment. You can choose to join one module at a time or enroll in the full Rooted in Resilience course, which includes all three modules, for a discounted price.

Course Student Feedback:

Wow girls. I already feel like so much of my confusion is gone. I started on the meal plans and my energy is the best it's been in years just 1 week later. I've had a skin rash on my legs for years and it is clearing. And my digestion is finally normalizing AND I have already dropped a few pounds probably just bloat gone but still. My husband says I've had a different attitude - like I'm truly happy again! So grateful to you both for the guidance and the support.

- Farren

Honestly... I am blown away. I have learned SO MUCH. I'm glad you constantly say not to get scared because truthfully some of this stuff is scary. But now I feel EMPOWERED to do something about it and the feeling is incredible. I am so grateful to you both for taking the time and energy to learn all of this and then share it with the world. 

- Tanya

I've been using the meal plans and taking the recommended supplements, and working out, and I've just had a wayyyyyyy better ovulation cycle. Excited for what's to come! 

- Bekah

The course is jam packed with so much amazing information!! have an autoimmune disease and trying to figure out how to heal has been a dilemma. Now that I have gone though the course, I feel like finally understand how to HEAL! It all makes so much sense. I have already dropped a few pounds and my energy is coming up. All while finally being able to eat dairy (that I thought I couldn’t have). So happy that I finally found a nutrition program that works for me! The meal plans are SO HELPFUL! Hands down the most thought out and helpful program that I have ever come across.

- Katie

I have been blown away with the content in Rooted in Resilience! I am so impressed with the scientific research that they did to make this course. One of the best things about it is the downloadable meal plans, which make it so easy to stay on track. I also love that they host frequent Q&A's to answer your questions live, and you can also post any questions into the community. This course is seriously worth at least 4x more than its price. If you want to have a full understanding of how to improve your health from many angles, this is your one stop shop. I also love that they don't use fear tactics (aka you will die if you eat X food etc). But rather they educate you on the potential risks and let you make the decision for yourself, and that health isn't a 1 size fits all approach. Seriously, this course is the best. I feel so lucky to be apart of it and would recommend it to anyone.

- Savannah

I love that the course gives me the background on WHY this works, and the step by step for when I want to create something by myself or the meal plan options for when I don't have time to think about it, but just want to get started. It's all in there!! And I love that you guys are living it all and setting the examples. Also I am so grateful for your amazing support in the forums - personalized feedback based on my symptoms is amazing! I've recently started implementing the course principles, and I've noticed better digestion and raised body temps. I am confident that with this support and consistency, I'll get rid of all my symptoms as I continue working through the course and making changes.

- Esther

Course Offerings

The complete course - gain access to educational and implementational material in all 3 modules (Nutrition, Lifestyle & Exercise, & Environment) plus all 3 private communities to connect with us and other course members, including live Q&A's for support.


Access to 19 lessons & 12 implementation modules so you can begin to support your metabolism and live a thriving life, free of restriction, food fear, crash diets and dis-ease. You'll receive over 80 different meal plan variations, tons of downloads and access to our private nutrition community.


Access to 10 lessons on how to optimize your mindset, sleep, breathing, hygiene (skincare, haircare, sunscreen, and oral health), and exercise (exercise nutrition, supplementation, & the best forms of exercise). You'll receive 4 strength training programs with progression, plus access to our private lifestyle & exercise community.


Access to 8 foundational lessons to help you transform your environment (mold prevention, light optimization, air & water quality) to start supporting your health, not hinder it, as well as how to best support your liver for full detoxification. Plus, access to the Environment private community to connect with us and other course members. 


Nutrition Curriculum

All of the following lessons are powerpoint presentations with audio available that you can download and listen to offline on the course app, Kajabi.

Environment Curriculum

All of the following lessons are powerpoint presentations with audio available that you can download and listen to offline on the course app, Kajabi.

Lifestyle & Exercise Curriculum

All of the following lessons are powerpoint presentations with audio available that you can download and listen to offline on the course app, Kajabi.

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