Are you ready to start living your best life?


Transform your well-being with "Rooted in Resilience," a step-by-step course that helps pull you up out of the rabbit hole and redefine health. 


What makes our course different?


Rooted in Resilience isn't just another health course.


It's a comprehensive holistic program that teaches you everything you need to take the guesswork out of health so that you can get back to living your best life by improving systemic energy production.


You can find information about health just about everywhere...


However, true health involves much more than just a meal plan and exercise.


This forward-thinking course covers all aspects of health to help you approach healing from every angle.


There are no gimmicks, fear mongering, rules or quick fixes.


Just genuine, life-changing knowledge that we’ve gathered over the last decade.


We cover nutrition, metabolism, environment, and lifestyle principles to help you approach healing from every angle - and get back to living your life!



What you will learn in this course


We’ve spent the last decade researching and developing living and healing strategies based on real life, and not just textbooks.


With Rooted in Resilience, you get 10 years of experience and research packed into one place.


Rooted in Resilience includes over 35 nutrition lessons, 10 environmental lessons and 8 lessons to learn how to make healthy lifestyle choices.


You also get access to our private community and support groups to help you overcome challenges – and get answers – during your journey. Ashley and Sarah are active daily in the community group in order to answer your questions and provide customized suggestion to help you succeed. 


Here’s just a snap shot of what you’ll learn in the course...

  • How to heal your metabolism to help you attain your ideal weight and body composition
  • Clear the confusion on what food we should actually be eating
  • Use reverse dieting to increase your calories without gaining weight while improving your energy levels
  • How to actually lose weight in a way that doesn't tank your metabolism (a complete weight loss guide) and avoid weight loss plateaus
  • How many calories you should be eating, and what macronutrient composition (how many carbs, fat and protein you should be eating right now)
  • How to balance your hormones to help reduce anxiety, weight gain, and sleep disturbances
  • How to finally heal your gut so that you can start eating more foods
  • Choose and properly prepare the best foods for you (we provide recommended sources and our favorite brands, along with our favorite cooking techniques to improve digestibility)
  • How to use our data tracker so you can monitor and track progress 
  • The best calcium to phosphorous ratio, and how to obtain it
  • Choosing the most effective supplements for your needs (and which ones we should avoid)
  • Preventing and remediating mold in your living space
  • Cheat sheets for avoiding foods and fats that do your body more harm than good
  • How to master the most essential healthy habits, including over 100 meal plans to help make it easier to implement these principles into your busy life


(It is jam-packed with information to EMPOWER you - but don't worry, we designed the course so that information is shared with you week to week, in an order and frequency that makes it easy to comprehend and implement, not overwhelming.)


With Rooted in Resilience, you have lifetime access to nearly 40 hours of informational videos and over 1,500 scientific references to educate and empower you on your healing journey.


As a bonus, you’ll receive resource PDFs and downloads you can print out to help make attaining health fun and easy.


Plus, you’ll get dozens of pro-metabolic meal plan variations, complete with meal prep and grocery lists. We even provide you with discount codes for supplements, tools, foods and more! 


When you break down everything you get in this comprehensive course, the total value is over $3,500.


However, when you join today, you’ll pay only $35 per month. That’s less than $1 a day to finally move the needle forward with your health. 


Dive into a world where real healing begins, and where you're empowered to thrive in every aspect of your health. Welcome to the journey of true resilience.



Why learn from us?


Hey! We're Ashley and Sarah Armstrong (aka the Strong Sistas).


We've been through our share of health challenges over the years, so we know what it’s like to feel lost and fearful when handed a scary diagnosis and prescriptions for medications – without any other options, answers or hope.


We also understand how hard it is to navigate through the fear-based health world right now, where every angle contradicts each other.


These challenges catapulted us into a long experiential and educational journey. That journey reshaped our vision of what being healthy looks like and has allowed us to regain control so we can start living our healthiest lives once again.


This experience – as difficult as it was at times – forced us to take radical responsibility for our own health. Today, we are both happy, energized and thriving – and we’ve left our diagnoses and diseases behind.


Now we are ready to help you get there, too.


Is this course for me? 


You are at the right place if you've ever felt or experienced...

  • Fear and uncertainty over your diagnosis or health issues
  • Confusion over how to get your health back on tract
  • Frustration that you can't meet (and maintain) your ideal weight
  • Questions over which diet is best for you
  • Not knowing where to start to plan healthy meals and snacks
  • Failure in meeting your fitness goals
  • A lack of energy or motivation to get things done
  • Difficulty bouncing back after a setback
  • An inability to get enough restful sleep each night
  • Moodiness or stress that you can't seem to overcome
  • Overwhelm with all the health and nutrition information online - and knowing what matters for you 

Our Rooted in Resilience Nutrition & Lifestyle Course takes you by the hand and shows you how to make meaningful improvements to help fix your metabolism, alleviate your woes, and allow your body to fully thrive.


Start living your best life and join us today.



Additional questions about the course? Email us at [email protected] :)

What Course Students Are Saying


“I want to literally cry!! I feel like I've learned 10 years worth of information. The amount of effort, love and scientific research you've put into developing this program is phenomenal. I'm literally in shock. This comes from someone who has the valedictorian of her doctorate program with a 4.0. I haven't felt this jolt of excitement for learning since optometry school 5 years ago! This new price point is a literal steal! I can't wait to teach my children these valuable life skills as they grow from toddlers onward to adulthood!!

I’m astounded with the changes this course has made in improving my anxiety, improving my ability to build muscle, and providing me with resources to healthier beauty, cleaning, and air quality products that have benefited my entire family.

I come from a long-standing background of keto and low-carb dieting, so finding a way to reintroduce carbs was very important to me in my muscle building journey. It makes so much sense now why my body/mind was so anxious and stressed all the time during my low carb diet days. 

I could go ON and ON and ON. But the fact of the matter is that this program is a GREAT resource for all aspects of your life, and the price point of $50 a month makes this purchase a no-brainer!!!”

- Allison


“I can't tell you enough how much the thoughtfulness, detail, and care that you put into your course, community responses, and the guidance that you give means to me. I am so, so grateful I invested in this course - it's been more than worth the investment! Thank you for making me feel seen, for building up my belief in my body, and giving such thoughtful advice and information for moving forward. Your course has/is helping me in so many ways 🙏🙏.”

- Brooke

"I can’t express how grateful I am that I signed up for Rooted in Resilience. Since the moment I received the welcome email, I was immediately taken in by the passion and dedication of the Armstrong sisters, and the very thoughtful approach that they had with every question, every Q&A session, and every email response. I admire Ashley and Sarah for what they stand for and for being so incredibly, genuinely invested in helping others who decide to sign up for the program.

From the moment I started the course, Ashley and Sarah were friendly, approachable, and truly interested in helping me improve my health and overall wellbeing, but most importantly, understand the WHY behind everything that is taught in the course. This is not a course that will try to sell you products, this is not about well thought out marketing campaigns or fads, this is a course about empowerment, understanding, and community. 

I cannot recommend this course enough!!! Thank you Armstrong sisters for being such a great team and providing such an amazing value through this course. The world needs more passionate, inquisitive, and genuine people like you!

- Daniela


"Wow. I already feel like so much of my confusion is gone. I started on the meal plans, and my energy is the best it's been in years just one week later. I've had a skin rash on my legs for years, and it is clearing. And my digestion is finally normalizing, AND I have dropped a few pounds, probably just bloat gone but still. My husband says I've had a different attitude - like I'm truly happy again! So grateful to you both for the guidance and the support.”

- Farren


"I am just blown away by the content of the course, such a brilliant investment thank you ladies for doing this! I’m coming from a place of initially under eating, then found metabolic eating and unfortunately put too much extra fat on, to now trying to continue healing but lose some excess fat."

- Hannah


“The course is jam-packed with so much amazing information!! I have an autoimmune disease and trying to figure out how to heal has been a dilemma. But, now that I have gone through the course, I feel like I finally understand how to HEAL! It all makes so much sense. I have already dropped a few pounds and my energy is coming up. All while finally being able to eat dairy (that I thought I couldn’t have). So happy that I finally found a nutrition program that works for me! The meal plans are SO HELPFUL! Hands down the most thought out and helpful program I’ve ever come across.”

- Katie


“I have been blown away by the content in Rooted in Resilience! I am so impressed with the scientific research that they did to make this course. One of the best things about it is the downloadable meal plans, which make it easy to stay on track. I also love that they host frequent Q&As to answer your questions live, and you can post any questions to the community. This course is seriously worth at least 4x more than its price. If you want to understand how to improve your health fully from all angles, this is your one-stop shop. I also love that they don't use fear tactics (aka you will die if you eat X food etc.). But rather, they educate you on the potential risks and let you decide for yourself. Seriously, this course is the best. I feel so lucky to be a part of it and would recommend it to anyone.”

- Savannah


I love that the course gives me the background on WHY this works, and the step-by-step for when I want to create something by myself or the meal plan options for when I don't have time to think about it but just want to get started. It's all in there!! And I love that you guys are living it all and setting examples. Also, I am so grateful for your amazing support in the forums - personalized feedback based on my symptoms is amazing! I've recently started implementing the course principles and noticed better digestion and raised body temps. I am confident that with this support and consistency, I'll get rid of all my symptoms as I continue working through the course and making changes.”

- Esther


“Honestly... I am blown away. I have learned SO MUCH. I'm glad you constantly say not to get scared because, truthfully, some of this stuff is scary. But now I feel EMPOWERED to do something about it, and the feeling is incredible. I am so grateful to you both for taking the time and energy to learn all of this and share it with the world.”

- Tanya

Nutrition Curriculum


We’re bringing it back to basics to teach you how your body works and what foods nourish it.  This is not just a pile of no-no foods and a grocery list.  


These lessons empower you to actually understand your metabolism, easily prepare food you enjoy, and leverage supplements the right way.  


We bust myths about food and teach you how to fuel your body optimally.


All the nutrition lessons listed below are presentations with audio available that you can download and listen to offline or on the go.


Lifestyle & Environment Curriculum


 Our environments and what we put on our skin impact our metabolism, as well.  


These lessons teach you everything from the risks you may face in your environment and how to overcome them, to upgrading your mindset to heal and thrive, becoming a kick-butt sleeper, personal hygiene products & more. 


Everyday habits that will change your life, plus natural alternatives, helpful tools, and practical measures to create a supportive lifestyle & environment for you and your family.


Regain confidence in your health


Take charge of your health through an in-depth, evidence-based education so you can have enough resilience to finally start chasing your dreams and living your life.