Hey there,

 We’re Ashley and Sarah Armstrong (aka the Strong Sistas), & we're here to help you simplify & implement the foundations of true health so you can finally start living your best life, not be stunted by your diagnosis & the resulting confusion & fear.

Why we can help you. Well, we know what it's like to feel lost & afraid, to try every restrictive diet out there, to be prescribed dozens of medications and told "this is your new normal", given no other options, answers, nor optimistic outcome.

Nearly a decade ago, an initial diagnosis of “autoimmunity” followed by dozens more (PCOS, hypothyroidism, hypothalamic amenorrhea, pre-diabetic, adrenal fatigue, IBS, IBD, SIBO, Lyme/Bartonella (+ more)) catapulted us into a long experiential & educational journey that's reshaped what being healthy looks like & ultimately allowed us to regain control over our own.

This journey forced us to take radical responsibility for our own health. After many trails and tribulations, we finally learned and experienced true health. Bringing us to where we are today: energized, happy, fertile & thriving - free of diagnosis & disease. And we can't wait to help you achieve the same.

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Hey, I'm Sarah

  • Bachelors of Science (BS) in Health Sciences
  • Cert. Integrative Nutritionist (IIN) & Health Coach
  • Cert. Personal Trainer

I'm the younger sister, turned 26 as of August '22. My dream is to one day experience the joys and hardships of motherhood while building a loving and connected family, educate & empower my future children & others to take control of their health & love their bodies through each season, & provide nourishing foods to others through regenerative farming.

I've overcome autoimmunity, hypothyroidism, 6+ years of amenorrhea and PCOS, mold toxicity, multiple chemical sensitivity, anxiety and depression, anorexia and bulimia, estrogen dominance, pre-diabetes, inexplainable neuropathy, severe insomnia and digestive/gut issues, including SIBO and IBD. 

My passions include strength training, making nourishing homemade ice cream & other goodies, forever trying to bake a proper sourdough loaf, drinking milk, decorating for Halloween, having the windows open, being in nature, walking my dogs, and forming connections with others who appreciate deep conversations & being true to themselves.

& I'm Ashley

  • PhD, MS & BS in Mechanical Engineering
  • Cert. Personal Trainer

I’m the older sister, turning 30 in November 2022. I was put on this Earth to educate; education & science communication are passions of mine, thus I received my PhD in Engineering to become a Professor. But during graduate school, I discovered that the topics I am truly passionate about include nutrition & regenerative agriculture (which are ultimately connected), so I decided to chase this passion head on by building Strong Sistas, & starting a regenerative farm from scratch.

I have conquered amenorrhea (no period for 12 years), autoimmunity, constipation & gut issues, PCOS, severe insomnia, orthorexia, iron overload, hirsutism, self-doubt and estrogen imbalance. 

I love weight training, cooking delicious & nutritious recipes, farming, gardening, decorating for holidays, & meeting others with like-minded interests. One day I hope to educate the next generation through our content, on farm events, and being a mother myself.

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