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We are on a mission to grow healthier soil, healthier food, healthier communities and a healthier planet. With your donation, you'll help us move closer to this goal by starting up a regenerative farm from scratch. All proceeds go directly into building the farm. By sharing our journey, our goal is to educate and inspire others to do the same, in whatever capacity they can.


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​In our guide, you will discover:

  • Easy explanations to provide others who question why you follow a carnivore or animal-based diet 

  • Why nose-to-tail eating has become a past time, why this is an issue, and the top four reasons we should all be eating nose-to-tail

  • How and why we fell in love with 'odd parts' (offals)

  • All about 20 different 'odd parts' (taste, texture, easy preparation methods, nutrients), including liver, heart, trotters, etc...

  • Tips to take your first bite 

  • How to safely source organ meats, including vital questions to ask your local farmer

  • How to find a local farmer or butcher

  • The nutrient differences in cooked versus raw offals

  • Over 20 frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding nose-to-tail eating, including concern over lead contamination, vitamin A toxicity, mad cow disease, & how to obtain calcium from animal products, etc...

  • 4 simple, staple offal recipes to get you started in nose-to-tail eating​

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Org[an]cyclopedia: your guide to eating nose to tail.