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Gain instant access to over 100 meal plan variations that make implementing the prometabolic nutrition principles into your daily life easy, withoutĀ unnecessary weight gain.Ā 

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Each plan contains meals that are balanced in macronutrients (carbs, fats, and proteins) and are geared towards being easy to digest, with the goal of improving gut health, keeping blood sugar stable, and balancing hormones.


Each meal plan is nutrient-dense allowing you to meet your vitamin and mineral need, effortlessly. We've also ensured each plan contains a balanced ratio of several crucial minerals, such as Calcium to Phosphorus.


The meal plans are geared towards simplicity: not over-complicating meals with extensive and fancy recipes. We also provide simple food preparation and recipe steps for meal prepping, in addition to grocery lists and supplement suggestions.


Meal plans come in 5 different calorie ranges, allowing you to choose one that fits your current needs & goals, as well as several different categories to accommodate different dietary needs, such as no milk, low fat or whole milk, nose to tail, and no starches.

what's included


  • Meal plans for different calorie requirements, including 1800, 2000, 2200, 2400, & 2600 + tips for increasing food intake if necessary
  • NEW: FAMILY STYLE meal plans! Cook for the entire family with our brand new family style plans, including over 30 delicious recipes to keep your entire family on track and loving their healthy, home-cooked meals!
  • Macros and micros per each meal plan, ensuring we hit all of our vitamin and mineral requirements
  • Supplement suggestions if necessary, plus further information on sourcing safe supplements + discount codes
  • Meal prep directions for preparing food properly ahead of time to optimize digestion and minimize anti-nutrients
  • A complete shopping list per each individual meal plan to make shopping easy
  • Sourcing information for particular items with information on how to access local farms
  • Swap suggestions so you can truly make the meal plan customized to your needs, desires, and accessibilityĀ 
  • Tips for which meal plan to choose, navigating hypothyroidism, & more.

What people are saying...

“The meal plans are great! I’ve really been enjoying them! I printed off a few of them and have been incorporating them into my days, they’ve definitely made a difference. Thank you!”

- Rachel

"Hey! I just bought your meal plan and I'm loving it thanks so much for all your effort you've put into this! It helps so much as I have come to a point where I'm like I don't even know how to eat anymore."

- Tanya

"These are amazing!!!! Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into them! I'm excited to start cooking, and my husband and family will absolutely love these meals!"

- Casey

"The family meal plans are amazing and thanks to both of you for all the time you put into these meal plans. These are extremely helpful. Thank you! :)"

- Swarna

Eating to support your metabolism, thyroid-health & goals doesn't have to be complicated.

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