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The nutrition course includes the meal plans (you do not need to purchase both), and we have several students who sign up for both Rooted in Resilience (for nutrition info) AND Train2Change (workouts), both requiring separate transactions. For less than $2 a day, you can improve your health and build muscle. A steal! :)

Our course Rooted in Resilience teaches you dietary & lifestyle principles to truly support your metabolism and physiology - helping you improve energy, lose fat, & truly thrive.

70 educational modules (fat loss, calories, sleep, supplements & more), over 90 pro-metabolic meal plans, private community groups, detailed resource PDFs & more. MEAL PLANS INCLUDED.

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The Train2Change membership includes metabolism-supporting & muscle-building workout programs on our custom app, nutrition & training educational video modules (cardio, best types of exercise, pre/post workout meals etc.), and a private community group. 

Lose fat, gain muscle, and understand the WHY along your fitness journey.

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Over 90 pro-metabolic meal plans, catering to different caloric needs. Each plan hits all micronutrient requirements and has ideal macronutrient splits, saving you hundreds of hours of tracking and planning.

The wide variety of meal plans enables you to effortlessly eat a well-balanced, delicious, and nutrient-dense diet, without unnecessary restrictions.

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