Course Offerings

The Full Course

The complete course - gain access to the material for all 3 modules (Nutrition, Lifestyle & Exercise, & Environment) with over 1,400 references. Plus, access to the 3 Rooted in Resilience private communities to connect with us and other course members, including live Q&A's for support. 

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Nutrition Course

Access to 19 background & 12 implementation modules so you can begin to support your metabolism and live a thriving life, free of restriction, food fear, crash diets and disease. You'll receive over 80 different meal plan variations, tons of downloads and access to our private nutrition community.



Lifestyle & Exercise Course

Access to 10 lessons on how to optimize your mindset, sleep, breathing, hygiene (including skincare, haircare, sunscreen, and oral health), and exercise (including exercise nutrition, the best types of exercise & cardio, & supplements). You'll receive 4 downloadable strength training programs plus access to our private lifestyle & exercise community.



Environment Course

Access to 8 foundational lessons to help you transform your environment (mold prevention, light optimization, water & air quality, & more) to start supporting your health, not hinder it, as well as how to best support your liver for full detoxification. Plus, the Environment private community to connect with us and other course members.