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Here's a list of products and brands that we trust and use to optimize our health. Some of the links & discount codes on this page are affiliate. This means that we may receive a small contribution from your purchase with no extra cost to you. Any compensation we receive helps us continue to provide free content, information, & resources on our platforms. Thank you for your support!


GembaRed - code STRONG10 for 10% off

An affordable and effective red-light company! Red light increases energy production, mitochondrial formation, cellular repair and differentiation, accelerates wound healing, amongst many other benefits. We use red lights every single night when winding down for bed since blue light and darkness are stressors. Too much blue light at night can also disrupt natural melatonin production and your circadian rhythm. These panels are also really important during the winter months when there isn’t much sun. Gembared’s new Beacon panel is the lowest EMF panel on the market!


full body red light


low EMF red light panel

bedside red reading light


red night light

Relax far Infrared Sauna - code STRONGSISTAS for $75 off

This affordable and effective at-home far infrared (FIR) sauna we use 3-4X a week to help detoxify mold and heavy metals, such as lead, arsenic, cadmium, and mercury. Since this can be a stress, be sure to eat balanced meals before and after and rehydrate with plenty of minerals to support your body. The Pure Far Infrared Energy is the only energy frequency that resonates with the water cells in your body, and pulsates them. This creates a much greater impact on the water molecules, and hence greater detox, greater micro-circulation increase, and greater impact on the parasympathetic nervous system and on the mitochondria.  This sauna delivers a safe, complete sauna experience from its compact and portable design.


far infrared portable sauna

Defender Shield EMF Mitigation

Many headphones and cellphones are a huge source of EMF radiation through our heads. DefenderShield is the the worldwide leader in EMF radiation protection. They have great cell phone and laptop cases, but we love their air tube EMF radiation free headphones. At the very least - do NOT use bluetooth air pods, which send a ton of EMFs through your brain. Putting your phone on speaker phone is your best & easiest option to reduce EMF exposure. However, sometimes headphones are a must! These are the lowest EMF headphone option out there and we use them for phone calls and to listen to podcasts. (They also have a great over ear headphone option).

Defender Shield.png

low EMF headphones

ChiliPad Controlled Temp Bedding & Blanket


OOLER sleep system

use code OOLER15 for 15% off

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original sleep system

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original sleep system

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Cooling is the ultimate hack to achieve great sleep – maintaining a cooler temperature throughout the night not only reduces wake-ups but also increases your time in deep sleep. The ChiliSleep products allows you to precisely control your temperature to optimize your deep sleep and recovery. The low EMF Cube sleep system consists of a control unit and a soft mattress topper that uses water to control the surface temperature of your mattress. ChiliSleep offers two versions of its bed cooling solution: the classic Cube and the Ooler. The Ooler is the second version of the Chilipad that is quieter and requires less maintenance.

Grounding Sheets Mitolife - code STRONGSISTAS for 15% off

Your sleep could benefit from reconnecting with the biggest battery available -- the Earth! We are electromagnetic beings! Our skin has 1,300 nerve endings per square inch, and we are designed to be plugged into the earth (grounded). When our bare skin touches the earth, we are able to receive free electrons which can help combat free radicals. Earthing is literally nature's best anti-oxidant and the original way to combat inflammation. The Mitolife Grounding Bed Sheets are made from 100% cotton and use conductive silver threads to ground you while you sleep & rejuvenate.


grounding sheets

Somavedic - code STRONGSISTAS for 10% off

We are all electrical beings, and energy serves as a messenger to our body. The Somavedic is capable of harmonizing our area, removing unwanted influences of 3G, 4G, 5G, EMFs, geopathic zones (stress), and even viruses, bacteria, parasites, mold, and free radicals. Somavedic devices have passed numerous lab testing to confirm the efficacy and has been demonstrated impact down to the cellular structure of our bodies. The devices can improve metabolism, sleep, and enhance relationships of those living within the space! On our quest to completely clean up and optimize our living environment, the Somavedic plays an important part in keeping a clean energy around. 


medic green ultra

RA Optics Night Blue Light Blockers: code strongsistas for 15% off

We wear RA Optics Sleep Lenses from sunset to sleep every single day to block sleep-disrupting blue light and re-align our body’s rhythm with nature. We have noticed a huge impact on our sleep when we reduce blue light exposure at night, which these glasses help you do! 

Ozone Generator-3.png

blue light blockers


Ocushield’s medically rated screen protectors and day time blue light blockers filter out harmful blue light, to protect your eyes, skin and help you sleep better. Unlike night mode or the f.lux app on laptops that create a retro orange tinge, the screen protector blocks the blue light while maintaining the same screen colors. During the day, we spend a lot of time on our laptops for our work. We make sure to wear the clear lens day time blue light blockers and notice less fatigue, eye strain and headaches. When winding down for the day we wear the swaggy construction blue light blockers to improve sleep.


daytime blue light glasses

blue light blocking iphone screen

blue light blocking laptop screen

nighttime blue light glasses


Getting outdoors and grounding – connecting our bare feet to the earth – has numerous health benefits.The earth’s surface has a virtually limitless supply of mobile electrons that gives the ground we walk on (as well as lakes and oceans) a natural negative electric charge.  When you touch your body to the ground, it dissipates static electricity and extraneous environmental electrical charges that are on you. At the same time, you receive a charge of energy in the form of free electrons and your body synchronizes with the natural frequencies of the earth. To reap the benefits of grounding when sitting indoors, on days where we can’t get outside due to weather, or when we are sleeping, we like to use our Earthing mats to spend more time grounded each day.


grounding mat


grounding mattress


The way we breath has huge implications on our health, and most people are probably doing it wrong! Mouth breathing during the night is a huge stressor, and actually leads to less oxygen delivery to your tissues. When we over breath through our mouth, we drive down our CO2 levels which decreases oxygen delivery to the cells (Bohr effect). When we breathe through our nose, on the other hand, we improve the CO2 levels inside of our body and thus improve oxygen delivery throughout our body.  These mouth strips have helped us optimize our breathing patterns during the night to reduce stress levels and improve oxygen delivery, which has drastically improved our sleep.


mouth breathing solution: nose strips

for sleep enhancement