“I cannot recommend strong sisters enough for coaching. They are so responsive, committed & encouraging. Tough things have to be dealt with when really cleaning up nutrition. But I learned more about myself than I ever have in my life!  The coaching is very personal - not some group thing. Significant changes happened in my body and I’m 54 so age does not matter. I got leaner, stronger & filled with energy fast!  Even off the coaching - I am still completely committed to eating this way because of how I feel!” Results post on Instagram can be found here.

— Lisa Eckstrum

Hi my name is Kelly I am 42 years old and I have been sick my whole life. I  have had problems with everything including severe disabling pain, Multiple Sclerosis, psoriasis, rosacea, teeth problems, and depression. I have always thought that the better I ate the better I would feel so 3 years ago I turned to the keto diet. I felt better but not great. I did not get the benefits I thought I would so I gave the Carnivore lifestyle a try. I started to feel better but I knew I was missing something. I also gained 20lbs! I did not know were to turn. Then one day I saw these 2 Carnivores on Instagram and they were really feeling and  looking great and I wanted to know everything they were doing so I hired them for help! 

As soon as I started I was loosing weight, feeling amazing and felt like I just made 2 best friends! With there guidance in one month I was 12lbs down and 1 inch gone from my waist. Also I had more energy and a whole list of health improvements. These amazing human beings have changed my life and I will never forget it.

 This will truly be the best investment you will ever make. these ladies have put me on track to be the best and healthiest human being that I can be. Thanks strong Sistas I love ya! You have given me my life back ♥️


Here is a list of improvements:


  • I finally have energy 

  • Roseaca gone 

  • 66 in house and I’m cold 

  • I was able to hang outside at 85 no problem then 92 ( normally I can’t stand heat ) 

  • Teeth better no bleeding gums 

  • Less plaque 

  • Lots of housework done 

  • More saliva! 

  • Feel better then I have ever felt my whole life on some days 

  • Libido better 

  • Sweat more 

  • Brain fog down 

  • Sleep better some nights 

  • Cut magnesium use in half 

  • No brain fog 

  • Not tired all day 

  • I want to socialize 

  • Psoriasis better 

  • Cut sleepy meds in half ( unisom ) 

  • Teeth less sensitive 

  • Tatoo got darker 

  • Skin more pink 

  • Hormones more even 

  • Happy 😃 

  • Less terrible repetitive thoughts in my head 

  • Was not worried about lateness 

  • Blood comes out sooner for ketone  tests! 

  • Warm hands 

  • Grass fed makes me feel better 

  • way less heavy period 

  • Period more even 

  • Bouncing back faster after screw ups

  • I’m full for the first time in my life! 

  • Recovery from lifting weights is overnight not 2 weeks 

  • For the first time I am in ketosis! I could never get there before 

  • I enjoy working out ( walking 6 miles a day)

  • I poop everyday not every 2 weeks! 

  • No more spanx which has never happened 

  • I’m finally seeing muscle

  • Stomach is flatter 

  • MS ( no symptoms)

  • No pain 

Kelly ended up losing 25+ lbs and is still continuing towards her goals. 

— Kelly-Ann French

Strong Sistas gave me the guidance, support, and tools I needed to begin taking back my own health. Ashley and Sarah are incredibly thorough and thoughtful in their approach to health optimization, prioritizing overall physical and mental well-being above all else. Additionally, they are knowledgeable about so many integral aspects of health and wellness: supplementation, training, food sourcing, autoimmune issues, blood work, etc. Humor and humility are key components of their approach to coaching. I highly recommend working with them!

— Amanda Leahy

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