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We're passionate about inspiring others to seek optimal health and we're on a mission to create a better food system with regenerative agriculture. By supporting our brands, Strong Sistas & Angel Acres, you help us accomplish this!

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Support our Farm & Regenerative Agriculture

By starting our own farm and documenting the entire journey, we desire to educate consumers and farmers on the significance of regenerative agriculture and the importance of supporting it. Our farm, Angel Acres, will focus on education and production. We desire to create an educational "hub" both at our farm and online -- a place (virtual and in person) where people can come and learn about regenerative agriculture. You can learn more about our farm on the "Our Farm" tab. There are two ways to support the farm, listed below.

Becoming a member of our Patreon page is an easy way to support regenerative agriculture as this income stream allows us to continue to create free content to help spread the word and educate others about regenerative agriculture!

Patreon is a membership platform that connects content creators with fans and supporters. Mainly, it offers financial tools that let supporters subscribe to projects that give creators a predictable income stream as they continue to create content. 

Patreon members get access to extra content, behind the scenes' at the farm, Q&As, and biweekly Google Meet sessions about different topics.

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Since we are first generation farmers, we did not inherit land to farm on, and the unfortunate reality is that the start up costs of starting a regenerative farm from scratch are quite high. We put everything we had into purchasing 22 acres of farm land, but we need your help with other start up costs to support our mission to #MakeSoilSexyAgain. Our long term goal with the farm is to create an educational hub for others to come learn about and experience what regenerative agriculture has to offer this world.

Our current project is purchasing lamb and hay for fall and winter bale grazing, one of the best ways to improve soil fertility.

GoFundMe Donation

A small donation helps supports our work of creating free content on Instagram and YouTube, of which is solely focused on educating, entertaining, and empowering others. This will also support us through our mold remediation, which as easily been the most difficult last 10+ months of our lives, health-wise, psychologically, and financially. We are currently undergoing some extreme remediation projects on our home to fully remediate the high levels of toxic mold we discovered a few months after moving into the farmhouse. The projects are expensive, and the health consequences have been steep, but we are dedicated to making Angel Acres work. Every little contribution helps, and we thank you tremendously for the support.

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