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Here's a list of products and brands that we trust and use to optimize our health. Some of the links & discount codes on this page are affiliate. This means that we may receive a small contribution from your purchase with no extra cost to you. Any compensation we receive helps us continue to provide free content, information, & resources on our platforms. Thank you for your support!


Heart & Soil - use our link for 10% off

Organs are the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet. If you can’t stomach the taste or have a hard time sourcing from a farmer you trust, desiccated organ supplements are a must. Heart & Soil sources from Grass-fed & finished cows and offers a wide variety of organs to ensure you get a diverse nutrient intake. 

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gut health

reproductive health

immune support

bone marrow & liver

organ complex

MitoLife - code STRONGSISTAS for 15% off

A supplement brand we trust without any weird additives. Vit E is a nutrient that is hard to get, but is vital to protect against dangerous lipid peroxidation from PUFAs. We like to take Vit E with us whenever we go out to eat or know we will have to consume seed oils. The spore based (soil-based) probiotic helps reduce endotoxin build up in the digestive system. Vit K2 is a fat soluble vitamin that supports brain, heart and bone health, and is largely missing from the modern diet without the consumption of a lot of aged cheese. Digest-it-all is a blend of digestive enzymes that help support optimal digestion and nutrient absorption. The low temp Desiccated Oyster is a great option if you do not have a source of you trust or you do not like eating them since oysters are a true super food and one of the best sources of bioavailable copper and zinc..

vitamin E


spore based probiotic

dessicated oyster 

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vitamin K complex

digestion support

vitamin E

Perfect Supplements - code STRONG10 for 10% off

The quality of the collagen and gelatin you consume is VITAL since glycine (the most prevalent amino acid in collagen & gelatin) is likely to be replaced by glyphosate residues. The Perfect Supplements brand is the only brand that is verified Glyphosate Free, with test results certified by an independent company. The acerola cherry is a great whole food Vitamin C source (which is not the same as ascorbic acid). Spirulina is a great source of bioavailable copper and Vit B1, and chlorella is a great zinc and Vit B2 source. Both are also high in antioxidants and can bind to heavy metals in our blood for improved detoxification. 


grass-fed collagen


grass-fed gelatin




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whole food vitamin C

Jigsaw - code STRONGSISTAS for 10% off

We are all likely deficient in Magnesium due to chronic stress, excess toxins & heavy metals, and poor soil health (meaning lower levels in our food). And since Magnesium runs over 3,000 functions in the body, having sufficient levels of this element is key for optimal health! Jigsaw Health has some of the highest quality Magnesium supplements that only use the best forms of magnesium - Malate, Glycinate, L-Threonate, and Chloride (for topical use). They also have a high-quality "Adrenal Cocktail" which provides the perfect ratio of sodium & potassium, as well as whole food Vitamin C, for a daily adrenal re-set.


adrenal cocktail


magnesium malate


magnesium glycinate

LifeBlud - code STRONG10 for 10% off

LifeBlud is our favorite supplement company offering products focused on bioenergetic/prometabolic principles. We love their Methylene blue and B Complex supplements, and use them regularly. Most people suffer from an energy production problem. Their body is inundated with toxins, PUFAs, iron & stress, which disrupt energy production. Meth Blue donates an electron at the electron transport chain in the mitochondria and improves energy production. It also has potent anti-parasitic and antimicrobial properties, especially when used with red light therapy. The B Vitamins are heavily involved in the context of energy metabolism, especially Vit B1, which is not easy to consume enough of in our diet! But all the B's work together, that's why we take their B Complex.


Methylene Blue


B Complex


Magnesium Hydroxide

Crucial Four - code STRONGSISTAS for 15% off

Crucial Four is a working farm turned supplement company that provides organic, high elevation harvest products with no harmful solvent extracts, fillers or binders. Our favorite product is their Icelandic Flake Salt, which is a clean mineral salt, low in iron, providing 3x as much magnesium and 2x as much potassium as Celtic salts. We’ve used their camu camu as a whole food source of vitamin C (best in smoothies), their ashawgandha and holy basil for stress reduction, & pine pollen for hormonal balance (it helps balance the ratio of androgens to estrogens in the blood, as well as boost testosterone + it is a great source of vitamins & minerals). Holy basil is also a potent antioxidant that can help detoxify the body of mold and other toxins.


mineral salt


whole food vitamin C


ashawgandha (adaptogen)


holy basil (adaptogen)

pine pollen (hormonal balance)

Mitigate Stress - code STRONGSISTAS for 10% off

Magnesium Bicarbonate is the most bioavailable form of magnesium found in nature. Our ancestors used to get this form readily through their drinking and bathing water, but due to industrialization we no longer consume this in our drinking water. The Mitigate Stress brand is the most concentrated dose per ounce on the market combined with bicarbonate salts, potassium and sodium. We also love the Magnesium Bath Formula for relaxing baths and to absorb more Magnesium through the skin.

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magnesium bicarbonate + potassium & sodium

Mitigate Stress.png


bubble bath

Smidge - code strong.sistas for 10% off

Oysters are a true superfood! They are jampacked with bioavailable nutrients, most notably copper (one of the best sources), zinc, selenium, Vitamin B12, and iodine (amongst other nutrients. However, oysters can be hard to source, are expensive, and some people do not enjoy eating them. Insert desiccated oyster supplements! We have found taking 4 capsules of these daily is the most cost effective way to get our oyster nutrients in. The Smidge Brand is 100% oyster powder without any additives or fillers.

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dessicated oysters