About Us

We are best friends & sisters on a never ending journey living a healthy & active lifestyle. We’ve been lifting in the gym & mindful of our nutrition since 2012. However, being so young and trying to figure out what “health” looked like was tough, especially doing it alone. 


Ashley was 19 back then, starting to play collegiate golf at the Notre Dame, and Sarah was 15, just trying to find her way through high school. 


At the start, unhealthy body image & ignorance lead to eating disorders and an unhealthy obsession with eating ‘clean’ & working out. 


We both found our light out when we started powerlifting about 5 years ago. Powerlifting taught us to be strong, it changed the way we looked at training and our bodies and was the first time we both felt like we knew our place in the gym and with our health.



But, being strong and having muscles does not actually equal healthy… In 2017, we were both diagnosed with autoimmune diseases, dealing with extreme fatigue, brain fog, rashes, chronic constipation, inflammation, joint pain, & more. 


In efforts to take back our health, we invested in tons of blood work & performed endless experiments, seeking out new research to find our answers… In the end, all paths lead us to adopting the Ketogenic diet, and within a month of going Keto, both of us were thriving and almost entirely symptom free from our autoimmune diseases. As of 2019, we both went full Carnivore, which eliminated any remaining inflammation, excess bloat, brain fog, poor sleep, & poor digestion - it is truly our optimal lifestyle, & we LOVE IT!

We’re now even more passionate about living a healthy & active lifestyle, because we’ve learned the hard way what it’s like to have this stripped from us. 


We’re proponents of a Keto & Carnivore lifestyle because we know what it did for us, but we also know that “healthy” looks different for everyone. ‘Health’ to us is having the energy to crush it in the gym, & still enjoy the foods we love - without ever feeling restricted or bored, which is why we love getting creative in the kitchen, whipping up Carnivore/Keto creations to show how delicious & fun living a healthy lifestyle can be. 


We’re determined to inspire others by sharing our journey to make a positive change in their life — to never settle for average and to never give up on themselves or their health. If you'd like to work with us directly to improve your health, physique, & vitality, check out our coaching page & get in touch! 

Love, Ashley & Sarah