About Us

Hi there! Our names are Ashley and Sarah, and we are sisters who document and share our journey towards optimal health. 

What’s a day without 🥓&🍳_ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

After being diagnosed with autoimmune conditions about 10 years ago, we started on our long (& seemingly never ending) journey to regain our health. This involved a whole lot of crazy, dabbling in pretty much everything to see what "worked" - from iifym, to plant based, fasting, keto, & even a full year of the carnivore diet (yes, you may have seen us eating raw beef spleen on YouTube)... *sigh*


This journey has brought us to where we are today: healthy, happy, & developing our own regenerative farm to provide nutrient dense food to others aiming to regain and/or optimize his or her health. One of the most important lessons we’ve learned along our journey is that extremes elicit short term benefits... at the cost of long-term health & wellness. 

We have experienced this first hand. AKA, we've been through a lot of "two steps forward, three steps back"...

True health involves a lot more balance than what we are led to believe. It's actually so simple, it's kind of crazy. Through trial and error, we've discovered that the foundation of true, sustainable health relies on restoring optimal metabolic function, which we've slowly & delicately rebalanced with a pro-metabolic, animal-based, nose-to-tail (& delicious) nutrition approach.


However, we've also come to find that when it comes to health, while the quality of food you eat and the exercise you perform certainly do matter, the environment you live in (including the people you surround yourself with, your home microbiome, the amount of toxins you're exposed to, etc.) matters just as much.


Everything we consume or put on our skin is connected to our health. Where we spend most of our time (our homes!) needs proper care and attention. We learned this the hard way through exposure to toxic mold after moving into our new farmhouse in 2021.


Let's just say... our journey back to health (take 10) after severe biotoxin exposure wasn't easy, but boy, have we learned a lot, and weirdly enough, we wouldn't trade the incredibly frustrating and debilitating experience for anything, as we are now well equipped to deal with whatever the universe throws our way, and we are here to help you do the same.


We're honored to be here, helping you navigate through all the conflicting information and to allow you to learn from our mistakes. Our goal is to help you simplify and implement the foundations of true health to build a more resilient & healthy you.

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Love, Ashley & Sarah