Why We're Taught to Fear Butter (from Harvard Medical Advice)

The image above is information that comes up first on a google search about saturated fat: Harvard Health recommending we should probably toss the butter.

Harvard’s “trusted advice for a healthier life” states butter is a food to “use sparingly” due to its high saturated fat content (here we go again). BUT, new margarines are ‘fine’ as long as you “don’t use too much (they are rich in calories)” … More comical, please see this article’s intro line (on the image). No need to be concerned with the abundance of refined carbohydrates on your plate… No, no. But, you should probably feel guilty for the butter. Are you kidding me? Our ancestors prioritized animal fats, old-fashioned butter included. They also didn’t deal with the plethora of chronic diseases plaguing our society today. The cause of disease is not the animal fats, it’s not the butter, it’s not saturated fat. It’s the excess consumption of vegetable oils, refined carbs... leading to vitamin & mineral deficiencies, weakened immune systems & an increased susceptibility to pathogenic plagues & poor metabolic health. Within carnivore, it’s fairly accepted saturated fats aren’t cause for concern. But taking a step out of this bubble, most of society still fears saturated fats, and some even fats in general, caught up in this whole high carb, high plant mumbo-jumbo. With such influential sources still supporting these ideas, there’s no wonder this is the case. As always, is this advice based on sound research or perhaps funding? Something to consider. View more information about the beauty of butter here, & the difference between butter & margarine here.