Why Drink Raw Dairy? Benefits of & Nutrients in Raw Dairy

Why drink raw milk versus pasteurized? No matter what, recognize that the source matters. Milk produced on modern industrial farms, where cows consume unnatural diets, are pumped with growth hormones & antibiotics, live stressful lives, & rarely see grass —> *milk processing makes sense* However, this process of killing most of the bacteria (whether good or bad) is hardly necessary when it comes to milk from healthy, grass-fed cows grazing on rich pasture.

If you are going to consume dairy, would suggest trying it raw due to: 1. Improved taste 2. Support for local farmers & the environment 3. Digestive ease 4. Higher enzyme content 5. Increased nutrients & absorption 6. Anti-microbial properties Swipe through the images below more details on each point.

Regarding digestive ease —> Our intestines must produce lactase to break down lactose. If not, gut microbes ferment lactose & result in varying degrees of lactose intolerance (gas, bloating, indigestion, etc.). Raw milk facilitates the creation of lactase in the intestines. But what about the 2014 Stanford study? Which concluded there is little difference in digestibility between raw and pasteurized milk. View the image below for potential shortcomings of this study.

Regarding anti-microbial properties —> when pathogens are added to raw milk, the numbers of pathogens decline & disappear over time. A cool study was performed at Organic Pastures in California [awesome raw dairy farm]. Pathogens (E. coli, listeria, campylobacter & salmonella) were added to two test tubes of raw milk, and within 30 minutes, the pathogens disappeared. This does not mean raw milk cannot be contaminated with bacteria, but it does demonstrate raw milk’s built in anti-microbial system, & reinforces that the source of the milk does matter. Next up: raw milk is the natural form of milk. WHY did we start to process it?! Click here to find out.

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