White Oak Pastures, Regenerative Agriculture & the Climate Crisis

Yes, it can be done. 🏠You can rebuild rural, small towns. 🌱You can refurbish the land with regenerative grazing. 🐂You can recycle all parts of the animal into something. 🌍You can be carbon negative and positively impact global warming. Riding around the green pastures at White Oak Pastures made this all clear. A 5 minute ride to reach the edge of White Oak Pasture’s property, you go from pastures painted green, full of living creatures above and below the surface, to futile fields in monocrop rotation - dingy and dead, the result of industrial ag with zero focus on regeneration or the future. White Oak Pastures currently manages 3,000+ acres, all sequestering carbon or in the process of being regenerated in order to do so, and they’re continuously working to obtain more land to further their positive impact. Incredible, yes, but they can’t do all of this alone. YOU can do your part by supporting farms like White Oak Pastures — a phenomenal example of how WE can save small towns, rebuild sustainable agriculture in this country, and ultimately help save the planet. Our spending $$$ makes a difference, each purchase is a vote for what we support. Make it count. Thus, we always encourage people to find a local farmer practicing regenerative farming to source from, but if you can’t find one, want to be sure about your source, and/or need some items your farmer can’t supply, WOP is where it’s at. If you choose to support regenerative agriculture and White Oak Pastures, please use code "strongsistas" at checkout to let them know who sent you. It will help allow us to continue to spread this information. Thank you!