The Game Changers Film: A Review

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

What's the beef with 🎬 The Game Changers?

The Game Changers is the recent film showcasing veganism, promoting it as the ultimate diet for increasing athletic performance & the health of the general population & the planet 🌎 alike.

As with all content, it’s wise to first analyze who is promoting it. There’s bias in nearly everything, even if you agree with something, you should likely analyze where it’s coming from.

This film was produced by James Cameron, Oscar-winning producer who just also happens to be the founder of the organic pea protein company, Verdiant Foods. The medical professionals interviewed include Dr. Esselstyn, Dr. Vogel, Dr. Ornish, & Dr. Spitz, all of whom have their own books promoting a plant based diet.

Sheer coincidence, or intentional bias?

A lot of people have asked our opinion on The Game Changes film, so we figured we’d make a review post. Peep through the images below for some thoughts on the film.

Has anyone else watched this film? What did you think? The unfortunate part is that, neither carnivores nor vegans can heal the planet alone. We need each other. Yet, these types of films with skewed information do a dandy job of making it seem otherwise. How about next time we talk a little more about the role of regenerative agriculture (including plants) instead of how a vegan diet can make your wee-wee harder?


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