The Carnivore Diet & Mental Health | Overcoming Depression, Anxiety, Eating Disorders

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Some thoughts on the Carnivore Diet & Mental Health.

One of the greatest arts in life, yet one of the most neglected, is finding joy in the little things. For me, the little things are quite literally tiny things. Like smaller than normal pumpkins, baby utensils, quail eggs.. They’re so tiny, it’s adorable, & they make me so happy. Big things too. I think they’re all worth getting excited about. My mind has not always functioned this way. I used to inundate my head with negative thoughts, typically about myself. I’d pick myself apart, dwell on traits I lacked, hide in embarrassment, inhibiting myself to notice life’s little pleasures - neglecting this art. This was nearly all of my childhood, encouraging several disordered eating habits throughout my teens, & worsened by a toxic relationship in college. Needless to say, I’ve spent a lot of time over the last 4 years on my mental health, after what I’d consider my ‘rock bottom’ - something we all experience in different shades, I imagine. We’re told to see a therapist, drown ourselves in self help books. These things, I find, only help if your mind is open enough to accept them. In such a dark shade, however, I didn’t find that to be the case. As a society, we’re not quick to attribute diet to psychological disorders. But I simply cannot say I healed my mind until I healed the rest of my body, and I attribute that entirely to my diet. If you know anyone suffering from a debilitating mind, take a second to direct them to a few of these podcasts that discuss this topic far better than I’d ever be able to: Podcasts & Videos: • YT: Dr. Georgia Ede - ‘Our Descent into Madness…’ • YT: CarnivoryCon 2019: Georgia Ede - “The Brain Needs Meat…” • @primaledgehealth: EP 241 Paul Saladino on Carnivore Diet and Mental Health • @carnivorecast: Dr. Georgia Ede - Plant Toxins and the Carnivore Diet for Mental Health

• Fundamental Health: Are the RDAs… A Conversation w/ Amber O’Hearn This lifestyle has given me true bliss, because I, for once, feel in control of my health and therefore in control of my life. That’s living.

For more information on our experience overcoming depression, anxiety, and body image issues, please refer to the YouTube video below.