Spices & Condiments on The Carnivore Diet | Benign Seasonings

What seasonings & spices can you use on the carnivore diet?

You can technically use any seasoning you want. There’s no universal “off limits” options. The whole concept of “off limits” just makes carnivore an unnecessarily restrictive diet. Sure, plants could be considered “off limits”… but not eating them is really just by preference at this point. As in, you can eat plants if you want, but I’ll stick with meat ;)

So, like everything else, the answer to “whether you can use spices’ depends on what YOU tolerate & prefer.

We all “tolerate’ spices to varying degrees, some better than others, some not at all. Excluding spices is particularly relevant to those with autoimmune conditions &/or a compromised gut, and the reason being is that SEEDS are the BABIES of PLANTS — and as we now know, plants don’t want to be eaten, & they certainly do not want their babies eaten. Thus, seeds (& other spices) demonstrate some of the highest levels of toxins.

With all that said, there’s certainly some seasonings that are more universally tolerated, what we’d consider “safe seasonings” or “benign spices” … these are the herbs & other spices derived from the leaves of “fragrant plants”, or spices derived from “non-reproductive plant parts” like roots & barks.

View the image below for some examples of safe seasonings (leaves) versus more toxic options (nightshades & seeds).

3 notes:

1. Tolerate is not synonymous with thrive. You may tolerate seasonings, but perhaps you may feel better w/ out them. Experiment & balance this all.

2. The lists in the image are not conclusive, and many condiments & seasoning mixes contain varying amounts of these spices (so read ingredient lists)

3. We talk a bit more about this topic and the leaf spices we’ve been loving lately in the Youtube video below. Check it out!