Low Carb & Keto | Spaghetti & Meatballs

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

This low carb spaghetti & meatball recipe is Keto-friendly, macro-friendly, super easy to make, & gluten & dairy free.

Calling all low carb dieters & keto lovers! Or just anyone in general who likes eating large volumes of food... we have found THE BEST low carb pasta substitute - EVER.

Say hello to PALMINI!

We made this low carb spaghetti dish with Palmini, which is hearts of palm in linguini form. Check our full Youtube video below where we review Palmini & show you exactly how to make this recipe!

MACROS for entire recipe:

15 carbs (9g net) | 29 fat* | 36 protein

*This recipe can easily be made lower fat by choosing a leaner meat & omitting the pine nuts.


  • 1 package of Palmini hearts of palm (about 181 grams total)

  • 62g organic crushed tomatoes

  • 5 oz grass fed 85% ground beef

  • 40g shiitake mushrooms

  • 10g pine nuts

  • Spinach

  • Sea salt, pepper, & garlic & herb to taste


  1. Drain & rinse Palmini

  2. Saute Palmini in a non-stick cooking pan until desired - can just heat in microwave too! Mix the ground beef with seasonings of choice & form into meat balls - cook on pan

  3. Saute mushrooms on same pan as ground beef

  4. Add the crushed tomatoes to the Palmini, and then add the ground beef, beef fat, & mushrooms to the pan & mix

  5. Finally, add a handful of spinach to add some greens to the meal

  6. Season with salt, pepper, & garlic & herb to taste

  7. Sprinkle pine nuts on top

Palmini is the SHIZ

We have quickly become obsessed with Palmini. We found ours on Amazon, linked here! Let us know if you try this recipe!