Should You Eat Dairy on Carnivore? How to Test for Dairy Intolerance

To wrap up the dairy series, here’s some things to consider if one is trying to determine whether he/she should regularly consume dairy. Considering all the different information out there and links to adverse health, skin issues, indigestion… this question is not as intuitive as it could be. In light of all this, we have outlined that raw dairy is not harmful, & it does provide beneficial nutrients. And yes, dairy is “allowed” on a carnivore diet. Now deciding whether to consume dairy, it helps to first identify whether one can tolerate any of the forms and then to consider one’s goals… (see image below).

We’ve also outlined why we would encourage you to use raw dairy from quality sources (previous posts). But like most food, there are always exceptions! There are going to be some people who can handle raw dairy better than processed dairy (us). Then there are going to be some people who can’t tolerate dairy at all. As always, we encourage everyone to be their own n=1. Check the image below for a proposed design for a self experiment to determine how you tolerate dairy.

While we don’t make dairy a main part of our diet, we do not avoid it since it is something we enjoy. When we do incorporate it, we try to find raw products or make our own using raw milk from a local farmer. And we have reached the end of the Dairy Diaries. Until the next series, make sure you are behaving like a angel. XO.

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Should you eat raw dairy on carnivore? How to test for dairy intolerance

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