Relationship Between Vitamin C & Collagen | Vitamin C & the Carnivore Diet?

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

Should you care about Vitamin C on the Carnivore Diet? Here's something to consider: the relationship between Vitamin C & collagen. Most animals can make their own vit C, humans cannot. One argument against carnivore is that we should be weary of scurvy. Some credible names in carnivore argue we do not have to worry about this, that the body has mechanisms in place to account for deficiencies, and we’ll be fine just eating meat (which contains a minuscule amount of vit C in comparison to plants).

Not arguing against this, but also not advocating for complete dismissal of vit C. Considering potential benefits of vit C (image above), & vit C’s relationship to collagen (image below), are we truly optimizing our health if we don’t consume enough of it?

As we’re continuously trying to optimize our health, we figured we’d look in to this for our own sake. The RDA for vit C is 75 mg/d (males) & 60 mg/d (women). These amounts are minimums, not necessarily supporting optimal health, & people such as @chrismasterjohn recommend anywhere from 100-150 mg/day. So, based on that, view the image below, where we’ve pulled together some carnivore sources of vit C. To hit the recommended amount, you’d need to have 2-3 servings of the red, 4-5 (orange), 6-7 (yellow), & 8-12 (green).

We’ll be making an effort to include more of these items in our regular lineup. If you’re interested, you can source most of them online from @whiteoakpastures. Use code “strongsistas” to help support us! Just something to consider!