Regenerative Agriculture is the Key to "Food Security": Why Eat More Holistically Managed Meat

The health of the population is directly related to the health of the soil. As we head towards 2050 with an expected increase of 2 billion people (resulting in roughly 9.7 billion mouths to fill)... our ‘food security’ gets called into question. ‘Food security’ is more complex than just having a sufficient supply of food. The nutrient content in the food we produce must be considered - whether the nutrients are sufficient enough to maintain a healthy population, not just a growing one. The ability to produce nutritious foods is reliant on the condition of our soil. Produce grown decades ago were much richer in vitamins/minerals, in large part due to soil depletion. Modern, intensive agricultural methods strip nutrients from the soil, making each successive growth of produce perhaps extra large, fast to mature, and pest-resistant, but less nutritious. When analyzing nutritional data of 43 different produce, researchers from UT Austin found “reliable declines” in the amount of protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, riboflavin (B12), & vitamin C over the past half century. Another study concluded one would need to eat 8 oranges today to derive the same amount of Vitamin A as our grandparents got from 1... Just for fun, let’s compare liver versus orange. 100g of liver = ~16898 IU vitamin A, 3g carbs 100g of orange = ~225 IU vitamin A, 12 carbs One would need to consume 75x the amount of orange to obtain comparable nutrients to liver. This would equate to 901g carbs. So, industrial agriculture is not the answer to our food crisis, and neither are *just* crops. Ruminants directly contribute to increasing soil biodiversity - recycling nutrients back into the soil via poop, potentially increasing the nutrient availability in crops responsibly grown on those same fields. TLDR: if one could do 1 thing to simultaneously improve the health of the soil & one’s own health → eat more meat. Ideally from a local farmer practicing regenerative agriculture. You can find one at

If you do not have a local farm available to you, or are looking for some exciting cuts/organ meats to purchase online, we recommend checking out White Oak Pastures. They're an incredible, regenerative farm providing grass fed and grass finished meat (a variety of meats) to the entire US. If you choose to support White Oak Pastures, let them know we sent you by using code "strongsistas" - thank you in advance, it really helps us!