Raw Dairy Farmers | How to Find Raw Dairy & What to Ask Your Farmer

Not all raw milk is safe —> the source is very important! Get to know your source. View image below for a few questions to ask to ensure a quality product.

1️⃣Do you test your milk? If you get a high bacteria count, what do you do? Note: small dairy farmers may not test because of the expense of testing. 2️⃣How do you feed your cows? Cows should be grass-fed, or in accordance with the seasons. 100% grass fed is ideal, but many farmers must supplement their cows’ diets with grains at various points in the year. If so, what feed do they use? 3️⃣How many cows per acre? Ideally this is 1-2 cows per acre. 4️⃣Do lactating cows have access to pasture? Ideally yes. 5️⃣How do you store & transport dairy products? Ideally the milk should be cooled as quickly as possible & kept cool during transport & storage. 6️⃣Do you administer hormones? Ideally no. Antibiotics? How do you care for sick cows? If yes to antibiotics, do you pull the cow from the herd if so? Now to actually find a 👨🏻‍🌾👩‍🌾farmer… view image below for tips!

You can buy raw milk in retail stores in: AZ, CA, CT, ID, MA, NH, NM, ND, SC, UT, VT, WA, OR (goat milk only). You can buy raw milk directly at the farm in: AK, IL, KS, KT, MA, MI, MS, NE, NY, OK, OR (cows milk), RI, TX, WI. Can’t find raw milk? 1️⃣Buy organic pasteurized cow milk & culture it to add some life (enzymes & probiotics). Ex: turn it into yogurt

2️⃣Look for other types of milk! Goat, sheep, donkey, camel… Both sheep & goat milk actually resemble human milk more so than cow milk. 3️⃣Buy whole milk - will increase absorption of fat-soluble vitamins (A,E & K). Once you get ahold of some raw milk – the options…are endless (view image below for some ideas).

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