Problems with the US "Dietary Guidelines" & Potential Implications | How You Can Make a Difference

Most of the public’s opinion on nutrition is shaped by the ‘dietary guidelines’ provided by the US Department of Health & Services (HHS). Every 5 years, HHS is actually required, by law, to publish these guidelines, which contain dietary suggestions for the general public. For a flurry of emotions (maybe a laugh but also, when considering the implications of these guidelines, a slight cry)... read these diagrams to get an idea of what the 2015-2020 guidelines suggested.

These aren’t just simple suggestions. This report is used by policymakers and nutrition & health professionals to develop federal food, nutrition and health policies, programs, & as the basis for federal nutrition and health *education* Education. Educating future generations to follow the SAD. These guidelines shape the way this country looks at food, dictating policy for our future and further misinforming the public on what an actual nutrient dense diet looks like, further moving us away from a healthy population. Just to provide some insight on the implications of these guidelines via numbers - the USDA’s National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program feeds more than 30 million children each school day. Read the guidelines. Many are the same for the 2010 version & will likely be carried into the 2020 version... Change starts from a grass roots movement. I know we’re programmed to think we can’t make an impact, but, we’ve already failed if we never try. Try submitting comments of your opinion on these matters here: & try to attend public hearings on the matter if you feel strongly about this public health conundrum. Unfortunately, the hearings for the 2020-2025 guidelines have concluded, but it is always beneficial to speak your truth and voice your concerns.