"Politically Correct" Nutrition: Stop Demonizing Saturated Fats

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

“Politically correct” nutrition would put this platta on the naughty list: far too high in saturated fats (fats in general) and not to mention, way over the recommended amount of red meat (for the entire week). “Politically correct” nutrition (term coined by @sallyfallonmorell) —> is to “eat more vegetables, less salt, & cut back or eliminate animal fats and red meat.” AKA, what’s preached to us by the FDA, AMA, ADA, NIH, NHLBI, ACS, AHA, USDA (aka, every large government & quasi-government agency that control our ‘guidelines’) … These guidelines incapacitate egg & beef producers while pardoning the food processing industry. They warn against butter & lard while favoring margarine & vegetable oils. They ignore how when fairly evaluated, the scientific evidence does not support the claim that saturated fats cause heart disease, but they actually: • Are necessary for proper utilization of essential fatty acids [1] • Protect us against harmful microorganisms in the digestive tract • Protect the liver from toxins [2] • Enhance the immune system [3] • Constitute at least 50% of cell membranes, providing necessary stiffness & integrity so they can function properly [4] & • Encourage calcium to to be incorporated into the skeletal structure (at least 50% of dietary fats should be saturated for this process to be effective) [4] A note to Santa: All I want for Xmas is good health for my friends, family, & myself. So needless to say, please send more bumpin’ plattas like this one, with extra saturated fats in the form of ribeye, iberico pork fat, a raw egg yolk and beef cheeks.