Organ Meat Burger Recipe | Nutrient Dense

Updated: Mar 14

These organ meat burgers are perfect for sneaking extra nutrients into your animal based diet. If you are not a fan of eating organ meat, one of the best ways to "camouflage" these parts into your diet to still obtain the abundance of nutrients is to grind organs into burgers! Insert, this delicious organ meat burger recipe, that actually does not have liver in it!

carnivore diet organ meat burgers
organ meat burgers

We obtain most of our nutrients from eating animal products, and each organ meat has a unique variety of nutrients in an abundant and bioavailable form. Anyone's diet would benefit from regularly including organ meats. Add these offal burgers into your meal prep and you'll be set in the nutrient department!

And, if you don't like liver - you are in luck. There is actually no liver in this recipe. Instead, this recipe includes kidney and spleen. Fun fact - spleen is a great animal source of Vitamin C.

carnivore keto organ meat burgers
offal burgers

We suggest doubling or tripling this recipe in order to make a batch of organ meat burgers. You can freeze the extras for later use, which will come in handy as nutrient dense weekday dinner options or simply as tasty editions to one's plattas down the line. Hope you enjoy!


  • 16 oz ground beef

  • 4 oz beef spleen

  • 4 oz beef kidney

  • 2 slices pastured bacon

  • 1 tbsp parsley

  • 1 tsp oregano

  • 1 tsp rosemary

  • 3 tsp redmond course salt

We source most of our offal parts from White Oak Pastures - 100% grass fed and finish beef raised humanely & holistically.


  1. Grind meat together, including bacon

  2. Mix in seasonings and salt

  3. Form into burgers

  4. Heat tallow be thy name or butter on skillet

  5. Sear both sides of burger to your liking*

*Would recommend leaving the burgers pretty rare if you plan to freeze them for later use. This way, when you reheat the burgers, they will not be overcooked.