Carnivore Bodybuilding Transformation

Updated: Mar 21

Carnivore Bodybuilding Transformation: Muscle Gains & Fat Loss

I have finally been able to put on muscle and lean out since switching to a carnivore diet. This was not always my reality! I spent years eating bird calories to try to see fat loss, despite working out *aggressively* & tracking my macros meticulously. I also spent years powerlifting and eating in a caloric surplus to put on muscle, but seemed to only put on fat despite prioritizing protein and eating "clean"...

Nothing seemed to work for me in order to actually gain muscle and lose fat. Likely because I also used to think that fat loss was all about “calories in vs. calories out” …

Not quite. Something that plays a large role in setting the ‘pace’ of your metabolism (& ability to lose fat) is insulin.

Insulin Resistance

Insulin is NOT spooky itself, but it has to be kept in check. View the picture below for what I looked like when I was “insulin resistant” … pretty normal. Just carrying a bit more body fat than I am now (first pic). But I was really struggling! I felt like I had no control of my body or my health, & I had to go to extremes to achieve that initial fat loss (from top to bottom).

dealing with insulin resistance

You do not have to be overweight to become insulin resistant. In fact, ~60-70 million people are affected by insulin resistance in the US. Other causes of insulin resistance include:

• High fructose consumption • Inflammation & disrupted gut microbiota (autoimmunity) • Inactivity • Nutrient deficiencies

You can read more about insulin resistance here.

My Experience Reversing Insulin Resistance & "Fixing" My Metabolism

The image above was (top) 2015: "if it fits your macros (iifym)" high carb, very low fat, & (bottom): 2016 (health started declining, metabolism not functioning, insulin resistant)

*insert 3 years of trying to figure this out, aggressive dieting, and even following a plant based diet*

Now, the image below is what I'd consider my 'carnivore bodybuilding transformation' -- (please excuse the bikini pictures, this is how I've tracked progress since my bodybuilding show early 2019).

carnivore bodybuilding progress

Left photo: end of bodybuilding prep: ~1100 calories/day, keto, becoming insulin sensitive Right photo: December 2019 (full carnivore, insulin sensitive) Here's some carnivore diet benefits I've experienced since:

• Obtain more nutrients from my diet • No longer deal w/ autoimmune issues/inflammation • No longer struggle w/ weight issues

And as a result, I have: • Control over my hormones • More energy (which therefore increases my NEAT, helping my metabolism more • Put on muscle more than I ever did in the past • Control… finally feel like my body is working FOR me, not against me

Have you ever struggled w/ weight? What’s finally worked for you?

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