Homemade Italian Sausage | Carnivore Diet Recipes

These homemade Italian sausage links are zero carb and only include benign seasonings, which are perfect for those following a carnivore diet meal plan. With zero additives or fillers, these sausage links are the perfect substitution for typical unhealthy sausages at the market. Loaded with protein & healthy fats, these DIY sausages are keto diet & carnivore diet friendly.

beautiful sausage links

DIY italian sausage

You only need 2 main ingredients for the sausage: meat & suet. The 'extras' just provide the Italian-essence. We used a combination of ground beef and ground lamb, but you could get away with any type of meat you prefer. We do recommend sticking to the recipe though, as these sausages turned out delicious!

We only use "benign" seasonings in this recipe. Meaning, seasonings with less toxins, and as avoiding toxins is a fundamental component of the carnivore diet, this is key! You can learn more about what we mean by this in the video at the bottom of this page.

Note: you technically can make these sausages with no casing, no meat grinder, and no sausage stuffer... but we got fancy with ours, and it was a ton of fun! This was our first time making "fancy" sausages (casing and all), and it's a start at our new obsession with curing and preserving meats (as part of our homesteading journey).

As for macronutrients, these sausages are zero carb, and loaded with both healthy fats and proteins. The recipe below makes about 22 servings, with each link about 4g fat and 6g protein. Hope you enjoy!

homemade italian sausage links

Ingredients (for roughly 22 links):

*We use local, grass-fed products or from White Oak Pastures.


  1. Combine all seasonings and salt in a bowl

  2. Mix seasonings in with meat & suet

  3. Put seasonings & meat in freezer to cool (this will make stuffing a lot easier)

  4. If you have a meat grinder, fine grind the meat mixture and refreeze until you are ready to start stuffing

  5. If you have a sausage stuffer, put casings on stuffer, secure one side with butchers twine, and begin putting the meat mixture through the stuffer to stuff the casings (see video for what this looks like and tips)

  6. Twirl each casing to separate the individual sausage links (depending on what size you'd like your sausage)

  7. Continue to stuff casings until all meat mixture is gone

  8. Allow sausages to hang in a cool environment (below 70 degrees F at least) for 2 hours. If it's cool outside (below 50 degrees F) and you have a place to hang, you can leave the sausages overnight to dry

  9. Store sausages in fridge until ready to use. Cook on cast iron before eating. Overall, the sausages will keep for about 1 week fresh, otherwise, freeze for long term storage

hanging sausages

Tips: you can easily meal prep these sausages! Double the recipe to make a bunch, and freeze so you can have them throughout the seasons.

In the video below, we show our first time making sausages and the steps we detailed above. Check it out! There's quite a few entertaining shots of sausages in action.