Is Raw Milk Safe? Analysis of Available Data on Raw Dairy

On safety of raw milk, based on the available data. Image 1: summary of a 2018 study analyzing Center for Disease Control (CDC) data from 2005-2016. Conclusion: increased legal access has been concurrent with generally declining raw milk outbreak rates.

Image 2: summary of a 2012 study analyzing CDC data from 1993-2006. This is one of the main studies that has shaped the public’s opinion on raw milk, & what the government uses to continue the campaign against raw milk.

Now view the images below for potential shortcomings of this anti-raw milk study.

Relative to other foods, dairy products are hardly a high risk product —> when adjusted for consumption, dairy causes the fewest outbreaks/illnesses of all the major food categories (beef, eggs, poultry, produce, seafood). In fact, the risk of listeria (a bacteria the CDC likes to connect to raw milk), on a per-serving basis, is about 10x higher in deli meats and hot dogs than in raw milk (yet deli meat & hot dogs aren’t ‘dangerous’)… - Further, between 1993 and 2016, there were two deaths associated with raw milk and 4 deaths associated with pasteurized milk, while there are on average 15 and 30 deaths per year from oysters and eggs, respectively. - Raw milk *produced under sanitary and healthy conditions* is safe & healthy. Of course, the cows should be tested for diseases/infections, eating food appropriate to cows (grass, hay or silage, with a small amount of grain ,if any), milked under sanitary conditions, & the milk chilled immediately. So there’s raw versus pasteurized. What about A1 vs. A2 milk? Is A2 healthier?

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