Homemade Raw Butter Recipe | Healthy Keto Carnivore Butter

homemade raw butter

This homemade raw butter recipe is a must! It is a perfect healthy raw fat source for the keto or carnivore diet, & made with 100% grass fed raw cows milk, ensuring all of the nutrients are kept within the butter. Most all butters on the shelves at the store are pasteurized, which is truly not ideal - check out our post series on why we should consume raw dairy.

Plus, there is something special about making your own dairy products! It is surprisingly easy, and the payoff is great - especially here, you get a delicious spread made with one of the most nutrient dense foods (raw milk) on the planet. Oh, and there's literally only 1 ingredient. How awesome is that!

The taste of this homemade raw butter is rich, texture is creamy & firm, & it is perfect to top steaks with, cook food in, or just consume on the side of your platta. Hope you enjoy!

In the video below, we detail exactly how we make this raw butter. Give it a shot!

homemade raw butter


  • Raw cream from raw milk*

  • Optional: Redmond real salt to taste

*You can buy raw cream or you can leave raw milk in the fridge for a few days until the cream separates & you can obtain your own cream. This is what we did, see the video for how!


  1. If you have raw milk, leave in the fridge until cream visibly separates and then pull cream

  2. Blend cream for 5 or so minutes until more of a cottage cheese consistency

  3. Knead the butter under cold running water to separate it from the buttermilk

  4. Optionally salt, store in fridge & enjoy!

homemade raw butter