Food Labels Uncovered: What Is Amish Chicken? Difference between Eggs?

Labels on food products are confusing. Let's focus in on some common labels we'll find on meat products, particularly chicken, and eggs.

Aren’t these words flashy?

I swear, products are getting fancier & fancier these days - we’ve got locally grown, all natural, farm-checked, BEYOND Organic, Amish chicken at the market. Heck, sign me up for that. What do these adjectives even mean? More times than not, the consumer ends up assuming and formulating his or her own image based on what they think these fancy words imply. Something labeled “Organic” carries with it an aura of health. Healthier for the consumer, therefore the animal must have had a healthy, humane life, too… right? No. The product very well may be free of chemicals, pesticides, hormones, & antibiotics, but “Organic” itself says nothing about the welfare of the animal - whether there was any outdoor access. Yes, confined feedlot cattle can be “Organic”. What about “Amish”? Doesn’t “Amish” chicken just seem better than non-Amish chicken? The label paints a pretty picture of a cute Amish family, caring for their chickies out on the pasture in the infamous “Amish Country”.- wherever that exists. Sad reality —> most “Amish” chicken are raised in typical poultry confinements, and they’re 0% Amish. It’s not the fault of the consumer for making these assumptions, we’re not inherently raised to question everything. The label was published after all, so it went through some regulation, right? Unfortunately, no. Most labels are not regulated, there’s often no legal definition of the label claim. When it comes to labels, remember: With no independent 3rd party verification, the claim is as reliable as the company making it. Independent, 3rd party verification is the best way to guarantee the food label is accurate. This will be stated on the label. Some smaller farmers do not have the funds to certify their claims. That does NOT mean you cannot trust their practices - get to KNOW your farmer & ask questions about their farming 🙏🏻 Hope this helps!

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