Ex-Vegan Mother Shares Her Experience: Why She Now Eats Meat

On plant based diets and pregnancy.

Grateful for this brave mother sharing her experience with us (see image below). She wasn’t the only one to do so after our post on Monday about the potential consequences of plant based diets during pregnancy & childhood.

There is absolutely no reason to be ashamed. Plant based propaganda is everywhere, spreading a message that a path to health is abundant in produce & meager in meat. According to an Economist article, 25% of 25-34 year old Americans say they’re vegan or vegetarian, or are interested in becoming so. This is the same age range majority of women become pregnant. If you’re not plant based, not a female, not pregnant, or not raising a child, this topic may not be of much interest to you. However, whether we like it or not, we are one as a society. And a future generation full of stunted maturity & handicapped cognition will have an impact on all of us - whether that’s through increasing health care costs or a declining work force. More governmental time & capital is spent on treating disease instead of uncovering ways to prevent it. It is on us to change this. Educate yourself, share what you learn, share your journey - no matter where you’re coming from. Hope is hope ✨