Difference Between Raw, Pasteurized, & Homogenized Dairy

Raw vs. Pasteurized vs. Homogenized Milk!?!?!? What's the deal?

Not all milk is created equal. Nor is it necessarily essential. Dairy itself does not play an essential role in human nutrition, outside of breastfeeding an infant. Learn about the evolution of dairy & dairy intolerance here. However, there are several unique, beneficial nutrients in full-fat dairy. But this is where things get tricky. Note: full-fat dairy. These nutrients are not as available in all types of dairy, and this largely has to do with the method of processing. There’s 3 main forms of dairy: raw, pasteurized, & homogenized. View the images below for the differences between these forms of dairy & for more specific details of each.

Pasteurization and Homogenization are two common processing methods used in the dairy industry which chemically alter raw milk.

This processing ultimately impacts the nutrients in raw milk, which we’ll discuss in detail here.

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