Carnivore Waffles & Syrup | Carnivore Diet Recipes

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Say hello to the carnivore waffles recipe! These waffles are zero carb and made entirely of animal product. They are a perfect snack or meal prep idea, & a great addition to any carnivore diet meal :) They’re also a great dairy-free alternative to the keto diet “chaffles” which are low carb waffles made out of cheese & eggs.

Carnivore Waffle Variations - Sweet & Savory

You can also use the waffle batter to make other “bread alternatives”, such as a zero carb loaf or carnivore pancakes. The creativity options… are endless.

As for macronutrients, these waffles are high in protein and contain a healthy amount of fat from the ground lamb and egg yolks. The consistency of the waffles is a pleasant surprise; although the batter is made of meat, the eggs provide a nice “squishy” yet firm consistency that is similar to “normal” waffles or bread.

We originally made these waffles last summer, but are posting an updated video with a few different recipe variations and preparation ideas. Hope you enjoy!


*We use local, grass-fed lamb or grass-fed lamb from White Oak Pastures.


  1. Measure out lamb and crack three eggs, add to blender with the salt

  2. Blend until smooth consistency

  3. Preheat a waffle maker & grease it with butter, ghee, or tallow

  4. Scoop waffle batter onto waffle maker and cook until firm

  5. Repeat until all batter is used!

Macros for entire recipe: about 30g fat & 38g protein - a great balance of protein to fat ratio for carnivore.

Tips: you can easily meal prep these waffles by doubling or tripling the recipe. Using 4 oz meat + 3 eggs makes roughly 9-10 mini waffles, or about 2 normal sized waffles.

In the video below, we show 2 additional variations to making the waffle, which involves 1 version with cheese and 1 version with pork rinds. The image below is a crispy pork rind waffle with sweet & buttery glycine syrup.

Sweet Carnivore Waffles

The cheese & pork rinds provide different consistencies to the batter - slightly more crispy &/or crunchy. We also share 2 delicious carnivore “syrups” to pour on top to have a nice sweet treat! :)

Carnivore Waffles & Syrup

Check out the video below for the variations & syrup! There’s also quite a few money shots of the ultimate zero carb sandwich…