Carnivore Sources of Collagen

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Gelatin versus collagen?!

Gelatin is just the cooked version of collagen! When you cook skin and tendons, the collagen is transformed in to gelatin, making it far easier to consume (ever tried chewing through raw tendon?) & absorb.

Gelatin has been a ‘prized’ protein for thousands of years due to its wide array of health benefits, from resolving skin and joint disorders to heart ailment & digestive distress.

Although not a ‘complete’ protein (doesn’t have all the essential amino acids), gelatin has a wide array of benefits, & it was a regular inclusion in our ancestor’s diets. By consuming the ‘odd parts’ of the animals such as the skin and joints, our ancestors made the most of available resources and gave their body the amino acids required to make its own collagen protein. Nowadays, without collagen/gelatin supplementation, dietary collagen has been all but eliminated. This is not optimal.

And this is just one of the many reasons we recommend eating more nose-to-tail, a lot of the collagen in animal products is available in ‘off’ parts. To naturally Increase the amount of collagen in your diet, view the image for some high quality sources!

View the image below for a few considerations when it comes to gelatin and broths.

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