Carnivore Chicken Skin Chips

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Here is officially the perfect snack for any Carnivore missing a crunch in his or her diet. These super crispy, super fatty chicken skin chips are a great, dairy-free alternative to the typical zero carb cheese chips/crisp recipes.

These low carb (no carb) chips are instead loaded with fats and collagen!


  • Chicken skin (we bought a whole chicken🐓 with skin on)

  • Redmond Real Sea Salt


  1. Peel all skin off chicken, wash the skin, & pat completely dry

  2. Cut the skin into chip shapes

  3. Place skin on parchment paper & season with Redmond real salt

  4. Place another piece of parchment paper on top, and place another baking pan on top to keep them flat when baking

  5. Bake at 400🔥F for 10 min

  6. Flip & bake for another 8-10 min until crispy ⠀

While we 💖 our meat🥩, we definitely need that crunchy crunch element on our plate & these were 💸