Butter vs. Margarine | Margarine is a Monsanto Cocktail

Discover the health benefits of butter here.

In the meantime, here's some more insight on butter. Butter is an incredible source of nutrients, but not all “buttery spreads” are created equal. When purchasing butter, consider a raw source full of pure unpasteurized gold from a local farmer or Raw CSA. Grass-fed, organic &/or non-GMO are always a good idea. Several ‘conventional’ spreads come from cows fed GMO corn & soy (sprayed with massive amounts of herbicides). Let’s call this the “Monsanto cocktail”, as Monsanto is the largest producer of both GMOs & herbicides. No wonder we’re taught to demonize saturated fat, avoid butter, & move towards vegetable oil based spreads that are ‘heart healthy’ … Let’s discuss. What’s one area Monsanto has no real stake in? Grass fed // pasture raised livestock. No need for herbicides, no need for GMOs, no need for Monsanto here. What’s one area Monsanto is HEAVILY invested in (besides GMOs & herbicides)? Corn & soybean production. Commercial butter substitutes, the one’s promoting low saturated fat, are produced from rancid vegetable oils and are full of additives. This is what we’re told is better for us than pure, old-fashioned butter… Take a look at the first few ingredients of these spreads & it becomes clear why this is the case.

It is not honestly evaluated research that recommends we steer clear of butter & saturated fats, it is corrupt corporations who directly benefit from our consumption of food that relies on their products.