Avoiding Arguments About Nutrition | Carnivore Diet Advice

Controversy over the 'diet' one follows is common. No matter if you're a carnivore or a vegan.

Here's some tips how to deal with someone “concerned for a carnivore” (or whatever ‘diet’ you foll

ow)... Or even just concerns about being “animal based’ … because in the world we live in, eating more animal foods than plant foods is a huge red flag. Yep, it’s radical to eat this way. But that doesn’t mean you should hide it from others, or allow others to make you feel idiotic for it. We are very, very confident about being carnivore. More confident than we’ve ever been about a “WOE” *and our health* because of what it’s done for us. Personal experience is powerful. But we wouldn’t do anything without sound data to back it up. And there’s plenty of research to refute some of the main “carnivore concerns” (see word bubbles on image)… So no, we’re not blindly stepping in to a WOE with reckless abandonment for our health like people seem to believe. Quite the opposite, actually. Arguably, most people come to carnivore FOR their health, and if you’ve done the research to arrive at this WOE as well, you’d understand how and why carnivore can be such a powerful tool, for some, to heal from several diseases that plague us. Yet what works for someone else may be different & that’s perfectly okay. Despite all of this, people will still be concerned. Peep image 1 for an example of how you can approach these concerns to ideally avoid argument. Image below is our personal response to each prompt.

We’re not about living our lives in hiding. But yes, we do still have many people in our lives who are “concerned” for us, whether openly or in private. And that’s okay. There’s a reason we shamelessly share our lives now (improved health… increased vibrance… feeling the best we ever have) and that’s enough reason for us to tread ahead confidently.