Org[an]cyclopedia: your guide to eating nose to tail.

​In this book, you will discover:

  • Easy explanations to provide others who question why you follow a carnivore or animal-based diet 

  • Why nose-to-tail eating has become a past time, why this is an issue and the top four reasons we should all be eating nose-to-tail

  • How and why we fell in love with 'odd parts' (offals)

  • All about 20 different 'odd parts' (taste, texture, easy preparation methods, nutrients), including liver, heart, trotters, etc...

  • Tips to take your first bite 

  • How to safely source organ meats, including vital questions to ask your local farmer

  • How to find a local farmer or butcher

  • The nutrient differences in cooked versus raw offals

  • Over 20 frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding nose-to-tail eating, including concern over lead contamination, vitamin A toxicity, mad cow disease, & how to obtain calcium from animal products, etc...

  • 4 simple, staple offal recipes to get you started in nose-to-tail eating


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