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Here's a list of products and brands that we trust and use to optimize our health. Some of the links & discount codes on this page are affiliate. This means that we may receive a small contribution from your purchase with no extra cost to you. Any compensation we receive helps us continue to provide free content, information, & resources on our platforms. Thank you for your support!

Non-Toxic Living

Air Oasis - code strong10 for 10% off

Clean air is truly invaluable. We’ve had first hand experience with what it’s like to breathe in dirty, contaminated air for a prolonged period of time, and trust us, the side effects are not fun. The AirOasis filters have a 99.97% retention rate and removes particles as tiny as .3 microns. This brand is third-party lab tested to reduce up to 99.99% of H1N1 virus, mold, mycotoxins, bacteria, and VOCs! While air filters cannot simply bandage a mold problem, they can be a huge help in maintaining a healthy home environment once the mold or bacteria sources have been remediated. The iAdaptAir, through industry leading broad-spectrum Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) lamp deactivates biological contaminants as they pass. Then, Advanced Hydrated Photocatalytic Oxidation (AHPCO®) doesn’t filter the air; it oxidizes and destroys pollutants on a molecular level. We have used 2 of the small unit in our bedrooms, and the medium unit in our living room and love them!


iAdaptAir HEPA UV air filter - small

iAdaptAir HEPA UV air filter - medium

iAdaptAir HEPA UV air filter - large

Branch Basics - code strong.sistas for 15% off

Are you aware of the toxic chemicals in your cleaning products? Branch Basics is the only cleaning supply brand we trust, and is our number one cleaner for everything, including mold. Branch Basics makes plant- and mineral-based household cleaners that are safe, natural, and effective. Their cleaners are concentrate based, meaning you can make 5 different cleaning products by varying the water-to-concentrate ratios (all-purpose, bathroom, foaming soap, laundry & more!) Their concentrate is hypoallergenic, non-GMO, and fragrance-free and they do not use any harmful preservatives and stabilizers.


non-toxic laundry kit

glass starter kit

premium starter kit

Live Pristine Water Filters


full water revival filtration

shower water filter

Clean water is foundational for healing and optimal health, including the water we drink and the water we bathe in. The Live Pristine under the counter filter is the ONLY system that removes harmful acids and contaminants, while also remineralizing the water before you drink it. Since our skin is porous, our body absorbs chemicals and contaminants in the water we shower in as well! The LivePristine shower filter removes up to 99% of harmful iron, chlorine (one of the leading causes of hair loss and thinning hair), and heavy metals. It also reduces odors, organic waste, bacteria, and common carcinogens.

Crystal Quest Bath Filter - code STRONG5 for 5% off

Bath Filter.png

bath tub water filter

We all know it’s important to filter the water we drink, but what about the water we bathe in? Unfiltered tap water can contain a wide variety of harmful and skin damaging contaminants that are absorbed through the skin! If you regularly take baths, a bath filter is absolutely necessary. This filter removes chlorine, chloramines, VOCs, THM’s, pesticides, sulfur, heavy metals, hydrogen sulfide, iron oxides, sediment & other contaminants while balancing the pH and de-chlorinating. So easy to use - simply hang this over the bath faucet and allow the water to filter through the ball.

White Oak Pastures tallow products - code strongsistas for 10% off

Tallow Candles-1.png

tallow candles


foaming tallow hand soap

tallow soap bar

KISS: Keep It Simple, Silly! That’s what it’s about when it comes to White Oak Pasture’s (WOP) soap and tallow candles. Did you know that literally almost every candle on the market is made of soy? Yep, burning those good ol’ pumpkin spice candles from Yankee Candle is actually quite estrogenic and not helping you balance your hormones! That’s why we LOVE WOP’s candle line, they keep the amazing scents in and the toxic ingredients out with a base of their 100% grass-fed tallow. Our favorites are the Cabin Fever, Vanilla, and Farmhouse scents - but keep your eyes open for the seasonal varieties! Their tallow foaming hand soap and bars are just another easy way to make sure you are nourishing and moisturizing your hands while providing a gentle clean. 

EcoTerra Organic Mattress - code STRONGSISTAS for 10% off

Mattresses are commonly synthetically made and contain a number of toxic compounds like polyurethane (a petroleum byproduct) since these are cheap ingredients. However, toxic compounds make toxic byproducts including carcinogens. One of the most important pieces of furniture in a healthy home is your mattress. Your bedroom should be a sleep sanctuary with low toxins so that your body can focus on repair and rejuvenation during sleeping. We love Eco Terra since they only use natural, non-toxic, eco-friendly materials. No synthetics and guaranteed polyurethane-free!


100% organic mattress


Medley Home Furniture

Our favorite non-toxic, eco-friendly furniture company. The quality of the furniture you put in your home impacts the air quality you constantly breath in! The medleyhome products are made of premium, eco-friendly materials. They use real wood, organic natural latex, & cruelty-free wool from grass-fed sheep. No harsh chemicals, carcinogens, phlalates, heavy metals, or fire retardants; handcrafted in California, with a 100 day trial period & free returns! They have beautiful sectionals and sofas, bed frames and mattresses, dining room tables, office items, throw pillows and more.


natural bed frames


eco-friendly dining tables


organic sectionals

Homebiotic Healthy Home Microbiome Spray

Have you heard of probiotics to rebalance your gut microbiome? Well, your home has a microbiome as well! This is our favorite live probiotic spray to balance your home microbiome. Each spray introduces millions of good bacteria species into your hope to keep the microbiome balance of your living environment balanced. The more good bacteria we have, the less space the bad, pathogenic bacteria have to take over. This product is clinically researched and tested to restore the balance of your home’s microbiome and eliminate the cause of musty odors. We have used this to help rebuild and strengthen the microbiome of our farmhouse!


homebiotic spray