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Here's a list of products and brands that we trust and use to optimize our health. Some of the links & discount codes on this page are affiliate. This means that we may receive a small contribution from your purchase with no extra cost to you. Any compensation we receive helps us continue to provide free content, information, & resources on our platforms. Thank you for your support!

Non-Toxic Beauty

Forever Healthy Hair

Forever Health Hair (FHH) is a female run, small business led by our friend, Noelle, a pioneer in the bioenergetic, pro-metabolic field. She’s created an amazing line-up of products that support our physiology and, of course, have absolutely zero toxic ingredients. What we love most about FHH is that it doesn’t just eliminate the bad, it includes thoughtful ingredients to promote the good - such as antioxidants and other nourishing properties of methylene blue, skin rejuvenating caffeine to reduce wrinkles and improve circulation, fat soluble vitamins to nourish the skin and hair, and adaptogens to beautify and lower stress from the inside out. Each product has a transparent listing of ingredients and further includes the purpose of each ingredient, too. Noelle has also formulated an incredible sun screen called Solar that is quickly becoming a staple as we do our best to start taking better care of our skin! Overall, our favorite option is the Bloom Kit or Luminance Package, which both provide a sample of a few different products for you to try! 


luminance package

skin serum

sun screen

Perma Earth - code STRONGFARMS for 10% off

As promoters of regenerative agriculture and first generation female farmers, PermaEarth is near and dear to our hearts! As a woman owned small business, they’re doing amazing things to source their product ingredients extremely carefully (if not produce them themselves) and output incredibly health-focused products - that are cute, durable, and actually good for you. We love their shampoo and conditioner bars, which are a mix of grass fed tallow, pork lard (both high in stable, saturated fats) and a few other other natural, non-toxic ingredients. Their deodorant is also a staple and we don’t have to worry about clogging our armpit pores (very important for detoxification) with harsh chemicals when using their products! They even have a saturated fat based make-up remover (which doubles as a moisturizer), so there really is no excuse to use any harmful ingredients in your entire beauty line up anymore! 


ghee & tallow lip balm



shampoo & shavbars

conditioner bars


moisturizer/make-up remover

White Oak Pastures - code strongsistas

Love simplicity when it comes to beauty care products? Then White Oak Pastures tallow body soap and lip balm are for you. They’ve kept things as basic as possible, formulating a nourishing, cleaning, and moisturizing product mainly composed of their 100% grass-fed tallow. We have used their foaming body wash for a few years now, and it has become a lifetime staple for how refreshed and pure it leaves our skin - without drying it out, nor exposing it to any harsh or toxic chemicals! The lip balm, as mentioned, is super simple, has a great natural essential oil flavor to it, and leaves our lips well moisturized! 


tallow body wash

tallow lip balm

RiseWell Non-Toxic Dental Care - code STRONGSISTAS10 for 10% off

Oral health is a huge, often overlooked, component of full-body health. In fact, stealth infections in your teeth can actually be the ROOT cause of other symptoms you experience around your body (I have experienced this first hand!)… This brings us to the importance of selecting non-toxic, health-promoting dental care products. RiseWell is our favorite non-toxic brand because it eliminates the toxic ingredients of traditional toothpastes, while adding in helpful alternatives to not only cleanse the teeth, but boost dental health. They’re fluoride free and use a natural substance called “hydroxyapatite”, which naturally strengths, whitens, and restores your enamel. RiseWell has helped us remineralize and restrengthen our teeth, inhibit bad bacteria growth, and freshen our gums/smile. 


tooth paste


mouth wash