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Liver Support & Detox

Queen of the Throne Castor Oil Packs - code STRONGSISTA for 10% off

Castor oil packs are one of the simplest things you can do to enhance liver and thyroid health as well as assist digestion, boost detoxification, help heal wounds, nourish dry skin, induce labor, and lower inflammation (and more!). The only thing intimidating about castor oil packs are the potential mess, which is why we love Queen of the Thrones (QOTT) for an easy, mess-free approach. The convenance of the QOTT packs actually has encouraged me to sleep every night with my liver castor oil pack on, which I have now seen positive benefits on my sleep health, as well! All you do is pour 1-2 TBSP ORGANIC (important!) castor oil onto the pack, tie it around your waist (or use the thyroid one!) and let it settle in for an hour or more. As mentioned, the QOTT also has a thyroid pack which I also double-up and use as eye covers for sleep, which as been awesome to help reset my circadian rhythm — the cover blocks out light at night, while the light fabric allows a little light to seep through in the morning, mimicking our natural light cycle. 


liver castor oil pack

organic castor oil

thyroid castor oil pack

Aussie Health Coffee Enema

Coffee enemas have been a huge part of our mold-healing protocol. They’re also incredibly useful for ridding of excess estrogen and ‘jump starting’ your liver. While it may seem intimidating, coffee enemas are actually well studied to show numerous benefits and are backed by countless reputable functional practitioners. The purpose of a coffee enema is to stimulate the liver and gall bladder, promoting detoxification and a production of new bile. They’re not intended to remedy constipation, but they can help get things going if you are feeling backed up. We’ve done multiple coffee enemas along our healing journey, and always feel refreshed and rejuvenated afterwards. It is VERY important to use proper materials, including coffee, however — Organic, mold free coffee is a must, and light-roast is the best option. Also, palmitic acid is essential in the coffee enema cleansing process. The Aussie Coffee Brand is the ideal choice for enemas since it is carefully crafted to be high in Palmitic Acid, and their kits provide an easy & clean experience.


coffee enema organic coffee

coffee enema kit

Microbe Formulas - code STRONGSISTAS for 10% off

This company has a large collection of products to improve detoxification from mold and parasites. We love the Biotox formulation since it is designed to target specific biotoxins like mycotoxins (from mold), bacteria and parasites. Thus, you can take it with food since you don’t have to worry about it binding to the nutrients you consume (like other common binders). The TUDCA product is a drainage and digestive support supplement that promotes healthy bile function and optimal liver function. Both of these products have been essential in ==-\healing from our toxic mold exposure. If you are interested in more of Microbe Formula’s products, we recommend working with a health practitioner to help guide you through the different detox formulations.


biotoxin binder