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Here's a list of products and brands that we trust and use to optimize our health. Some of the links & discount codes on this page are affiliate. This means that we may receive a small contribution from your purchase with no extra cost to you. Any compensation we receive helps us continue to provide free content, information, & resources on our platforms. Thank you for your support!


Apsey Farms 100% Grass-Fed Beef, Chicken, & Pork

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Apsey Farms is a fully regenerative operation in Central Michigan. We stand by their farming and animal husbandry practices. Once you taste their 100% grass-fed beef, you will never go back to any other source - guaranteed! We love to throw shanks, oxtail, or roasts into the crock pot to make an easy, collagen-dense, nutrient packed meal. Their pastured poultry and pork are also unmatched in quality and taste. You can either select from a value bundle or build your own cart. Orders over $199 will receive free shipping to states eligible for shipping! 


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White Oak Pastures Regenerative Meat: code STRONGSISTAS for 10% off 1st order!

A regenerative farm in Georgia with an incredible multi-species operation with three main core values: animal welfare, land regeneration, and rural revival. Since they have their own processing plant and implement zero waste, they offer a wide variety of meat and nose-to-tail cuts that are hard to find! Two of our favorites from White Oak are beef cheeks and lamb trotters! They offer 100% grass-fed beef, goat and lamb, and pasture-raised pork and chicken. They ship all across the US and have free shipping on orders over $199. 

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Working Cow's Grass-Fed Dairy code: STRONGSISTAS for 10% off


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Working Cows Dairy (WCD) is a small farm in Alabama that practices regenerative agriculture and produces 100% grass-fed, fully organic dairy. They use “low-temp vat pasteurization” which kills potential unwanted germs but preserves the fat soluble vitamins, does no damage to proteins, and therefor requires no additional “synthetic” vitamins to be added back in. This results in a nutrient dense product, full of calcium, essential minerals, vitamin A, D3, K2, and complete A2 protein. We personally enjoy their 100% grass-fed butter (it is SO yellow) and their organic cheeses (the gouda is full of K2!)

ZenBunni Biodynamic Coffee

Coffee has a number of health benefits, but not all brands are created equal. Over 97% of the world’s coffee is made from commercial coffee beans, a commodity crop grown to maximize yield, sprayed with pesticides, and stored in a way that encourages mold growth. We love Zenbunni since this company sources the coffee beans from farms that practice Regenerative & Biodynamic farming practices. Far surpassing Organic practices, Regenerative & Biodynamic farming not only yields healthier plants for us to eat without toxic chemicals, but actually heals the soil and climate!