Angel Acres

We are on a mission to improve human health and the health of the planet by changing the way food is grown & raised. Our farm, Angel Acres, is a plot of 22 acres in Michigan where we are converting a degraded, carbon-positive field into one with healthy, living soil that will operate at a net carbon negative by implementing regenerative agriculture practices.

Our goal is to create an educational and experiential hub where people can come visit, stay, and learn about and experience regenerative agriculture. Expanding the reach of regenerative agriculture is crucially important, as our agriculture system is broken. Industrial agriculture focuses on maximizing yield at the expense of nutrients and soil health. This system is degrading our soil at unsustainable rates, which will inevitably result in humans having to eventually rely on lab made food, further hindering human health. To produce more nutrient-dense food (and thus improve human health), our soil needs regenerative agriculture, and we need to #MakeSoilSexyAgain.

What is regenerative agriculture?

Regenerative agriculture refers to a set of farming practices with the main goal of improving soil health, which is directly related to human health. Rather than relying on external inputs (like fertilizers, fungicides, herbicides, etc.) in industrial agriculture, regenerative land management strategies focus on soil biology & work with nature. 

Regenerative agriculture practices leverage the power of photosynthesis in plants to close the carbon cycle & restore the balance between carbon in the atmosphere & carbon stored in the soil. In proper functioning soil, plants intake carbon from the atmosphere, convert it into sugars, & then pump some of the sugars through their roots to feed microorganisms that use the carbon to build soil. 

These microorganisms have access to water & a wide array of nutrients deeper in the soil, which they send to the plant in exchange for liquid carbon “food”. It is a beautiful symbiotic relationship. 

Regenerative agriculture results in

💧Soil that has greater water-holding capacity, making it more resilient to droughts & flooding. 
🦟Crops that are more pest resistant. 
🌎More carbon cycled into the soil & less in the atmosphere.
💰Less expensive fossil-fuel based inputs to grow food & more $ in the farmer’s pockets (which yes will come at a cost of large agrochemical companies profits, sorry Bayer).
🌱The restoration of ecosystems. 
🚰An improved water cycle & cleaner water. 
🥭And soil that can grow more nutrient dense food to feed a healthy population.


Our Layer Flock

We currently have a flock of layer birds that we move around in a mobile chicken coop every few days. These ladies allow us to naturally fertilize the soil through their manure, helping to strengthen our soil. We avoid over grazing by moving the flock regularly and never returning to the same plot of land until the grass has adequately recovered. This also results in more bugs (and more nutrients) for the hens to snack on, increasing their nutrient load and the resulting nutrients in our eggs. We sell our corn and soy free, pasture-raised eggs through Apsey Farms, a partnership of regenerative farms in the state of Michigan. We deliver them unwashed directly to your door! 

Becoming a member of our Patreon page is an easy way to support regenerative agriculture as this income stream allows us to continue to create free content to help spread the word and educate others about regenerative agriculture!

Patreon is a membership platform that connects content creators with fans and supporters. Mainly, it offers financial tools that let supporters subscribe to projects that give creators a predictable income stream as they continue to create content. 

Patreon members get access to extra content, behind the scenes' at the farm, Q&As, and biweekly Google Meet sessions about different topics.

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Since we are first generation farmers, we did not inherit land to farm on, and the unfortunate reality is that the start up costs of starting a regenerative farm from scratch are quite high. We put everything we had into purchasing 22 acres of farm land, but we need your help with other start up costs to support our mission to #MakeSoilSexyAgain. Our long term goal with the farm is to create an educational hub for others to come learn about and experience what regenerative agriculture has to offer this world.

Our current project is purchasing lamb and hay for fall and winter bale grazing, one of the best ways to improve soil fertility.

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Support Regenerative Agriculture and Angel Acres with some farm swag! We have baseball caps, bucket hats, hoodies, water bottles, socks & stickers. All money we make from swag will be put back into the farm and will allow us to continue to create content about regenerative agriculture.

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