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Is for those who want muscle-building and metabolism supporting workouts, high level coaching, science-based gym or at-home training programs, and real results that last (think: more muscle, less fat) without a luxury price tag and without the burnout. 

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Balanced, metabolism supporting, muscle-building workout programs to take your training to the next level. Our progressive overload, periodized approach will keep you progressing in your fitness without the burn out. 


A private community of like minded individuals, all seeking to build their strongest & healthiest physiques! You'll instantly gain access to form reviews, accountability, support & customized suggestions, in addition to monthly Q&As.


We don't just give you workouts - we teach you everything you need to know about training, from exercise execution to optimal nutrition timing through educational video modules. We help you develop the necessary tools and knowledge to truly thrive.

what's included


  • Training programs suited to your goals and fitness level [in gym or at home]
  • Our Strong Training app to effortlessly track progress
  • Detailed workout descriptions to ensure proper execution of each lift
  • Example videos per each exercise, seamlessly within the app
  • Form coaching and support from us in the community & direct message
  • Monthly Q&As with us every month to answer your questions

Plus, with your Strong Training membership, you'll gain access to our entire Exercise Course, which includes extra guides & resources + 15 video-based educational modules, including:

  • The Best Types of Exercise [Lifting & Cardio]
  • How to Build Muscle
  • Our Approach to Fitness & WHY
  • Mindset Walking Into the Gym
  • Best Way to Breathe During Exercise
  • Warm Ups & Stretching
  • Building a Workout Program
  • Recovery & Overtraining
  • Lifting Shoes, Lifting Gear, & Accessories
  • Caloric Needs and Macronutrients
  • Pre, Intra, and Post Workout Nutrition
  • Exercise Supplements
  • Optimal Protein Timing for Muscle Growth
  • Exercise Programs
  • Muscle-Building Exercise Library
  • Where to Start with Exercise 

What Members Are Saying


The workouts are efficient, tailored to me and provide a perfect balance of gradual progression and challenge.

The support is outstanding, way beyond what I expected - with the opportunity to tailor the program to your equipment, preferences and needs. I really like the educational videos, I found them super useful, and they are released in easy to digest chunks. The community part is great too, and the Ash and Sarah are always there to answer any questions.

The workout app itself is easy to use, efficient and just absolutely perfect. It satisfies my every need for data recording when it comes to exercise.  

Ash and Sarah are so knowledgeable about all of this, that with signing up you are getting access to so much more than just an exercise program. And in regards to the cost - it is an excellent value for money. Absolutely recommended!"

– Tamara

Join Strong Training to go from just working out to training with intention. 


The intention to build muscle.

Lose fat.

Get stronger.

Avoid injury.

Improve your metabolic health.

And make it a sustainable lifestyle,

So there's no more falling in and out of routine or having to restart every month.

I'm Ready

Health Benefits of Building Muscle:

  • Improves metabolic rate (ref)
  • Improves body composition (ref) 
  • Improves glucose utilization (ref)
  • Improves insulin sensitivity (ref) 
  • Improves LDL cholesterol clearing (ref)
  • Reduces risk of cardiovascular disease (ref)
  • Lowers blood pressure (ref)
  • Improves mental health (ref)
  • Increases bone mineral density (ref)
  • Enhances physical function (ref)
  • Reduces cognitive decline (ref)

It makes sense why those who resistance train have a 15% lower risk of premature death from all causes. (ref)

Frequently Asked Questions

Building muscle isn't complicated when you have the right tools.


We provide you with the smart muscle-building workout programs (at home or at the gym), education, support, and confidence to build muscle and work towards your dream body, sustainably. 

Everyone is at a different starting point, and your workouts won't look the same as our workouts. We gauge your starting place, training level, equipment availability, and goals. Then help you progress from one training level to the next. Building muscle and improving body composition along the way!

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What Strong Training Members are saying...


"I have done a lot of low carb and literally never felt like I got stronger and often injured myself. Im 4 weeks into Strong Training, after 2 years of healing from chronic diets, and slowly eating more and more carbs and I CANNOT get over how fast I'm gaining strength!"

– Jen


"I absolutely love it! I’ve worked with so many different PTs (personal trainers), but none of them have been sustainable... and then as soon as I stop working with them, the progress is lost and the weight is back on. None of them have seemed to understand how to work WITH the body, and how to make training a part of your life, not your entire life. Thank you so much for making a healthy lifestyle feel stress free 💕"

– Brooke


"I'm loving the program! I feel like training like this is super sustainable for me and has become an ingrained part of my lifestyle"

– Leah


"I am LOVING the workouts... on rest days, I'm wishing I could be at the gym doing my plan... I've never been that girl, lol. The app is a game-changer. It's so nice to easily view each demo without having to exit the plan -- so helpful!"

– Becca


"I’ve always struggled to stay motivated and always focused on only my weight which of course is very narrow-minded, but this program has given me something very special.  Not only am I motivated, but I’m next level excited about the next day in the gym! After just beginning with Strong Training I’m feeling capable, focused on muscle building and very aware of my zone 2 and how it’s going to help me lose body fat.

So, here I am, and the only day I don’t look forward to is my one day off. Go figure. I can’t believe how fortunate I am to have the support and amazing knowledge of Ashley and Sarah Armstrong in my back pocket. They’ve made me feel like superwoman."

– Marilyn


"This is first exercise regimen I've done that feels like something I cannot wait to continue doing for years to come. Since the program focuses on strengthening specific muscles rather than fatiguing the entire body, I never feel fully dead, but my muscles are indeed growing already!

Perhaps the best part of this experience has been my ability to target muscles I previously thought I could not train due to an elbow injury. Ashley has gone above and beyond any other trainer I have worked with, and has taken the time to test different arm exercises to find ones that work with my biomechanics and don't cause pain. This has certainly proved that injuries are not an excuse to stop building muscle! Love this program so much!"

– Masha


"In addition to the amazing course content, you actually get one-on-one feedback/coaching for weight lifting. I can literally send them a video, and they'll give me advice on how to set up the equipment better next time. They ACTUALLY take the time to review my current skill level AND the equipment available at home! I literally went from paying my personal trainer $150 every week to getting an even better service that includes nutrition, meal plans, and the KNOWLEDGE to design your own for ONLY $50 a month"

– Allison


"I LOVE STRONG TRAINING. Their approach to training is simple, straight forward, and SUSTAINABLE. The focus is on proper form, progressive overload, and body composition. It’s not one of those quick 4-week, unrealistically demanding, high intensity workout programs that you start dreading after the 2nd week (believe me I’ve been there). A couple of days into the program I realized that Strong Training would equip me with the tools and knowledge I need to start my fitness JOURNEY towards a more healthy, strong, and resilient body long term :)"

– Daniela


“I just want to consistently work out, build muscle, feel great, and know what the heck I’m doing in the gym. I never thought I’d get there because I couldn’t afford to work with a personal trainer… I was always winging it-- doing random Youtube workouts instead.

I’d go hard for a week or two, get bored or tired, and fall off the bandwagon... rinse and repeat. Not to mention I’ve been on a hormone-healing journey for years and was always scared of overdoing my workouts at the expense of my health. I was constantly second-guessing myself.

Strong Training has finally pulled back the curtain on metabolically supportive fitness for me. Sarah and Ashley really know their stuff, and they’ve helped me understand the science of how to workout out in a way that’s truly healthy. I finally feel confident in my workout plan because I know each move is designed with my metabolic and hormone health in mind, unlike most “sweaty shredder” routines out there.

Plus, I actually look forward to the gym now!!”

               – Sara C.

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